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Culion, a fourth class municipality in Calamianes Group of Islands, located in northern Palawan is a quiet town with a history of continuous struggle. From being a former leper colony, Culion holds the promise of a brigther tomorrow with its rich past and breathtaking natural wonders.


Culion is slowly embracing Tourism. Unknown to many, aside from the remnants of its history, this town boasts of its natural attractions and great adventures – from diving and snorkeling to trekking and rock/cliff climbing. A stay in Culion, tourists will be treated to its rich history. A visit to their Museum and a walk in the town will make one see the evidences of it being a former leper colony with the old establishments and structures still in place.

Experience Culion, see its beaches, old church and fort and other heritage structures, and explore its rich marine life. It is a town is waiting to be discovered.

How to Get There:

By Air

Culion has its own airport though commercial flights are still unavailable. Only chartered planes taxi to its runway to date. By Air, Busuanga is the most popular jump off point to Culion. PAL Express, Asian Spirit, and SEA Air have direct flights to Busuanga. Travel time is around an hour. From Busuanga, catch a jeepney for a 30 minute ride to Coron Poblacion, and then take an hour and a half banca/pumpboat ride to Culion.

By Sea

SuperFerry has Coron bound ferries that leave Manila once a week (Thursday for NN and Friday for SuperFerry). It is a twelve hour ferry ride. From Coron, take an hour and a half banca/pumpboat ride to Culion. Meanwhile, for those coming from Batangas City, Viva Shipping Lines has Batangas-Coron-Culion ferry that leaves Batangas Port regularly. (Update as of  2012, Negros Navigation bought Aboitiz Transport System, owner of Super Ferry, Supercat and Cebu Ferries. It launched 2Go Travel and Coron was dropped on its network.)

There are also cargo ship operators that ferry passengers from Manila to Culion via Coron. Contact the shipping lines for schedule and fare information. Please note that these are smaller cargo ships/hauls that cater specially to cargo but also allow passengers.

  • Operator: San Nicholas Shipping Lines (M/B Andrea-1, M/V Catalyn-A, M/V Catalyn-C, M/V Catalyn-E, M/V Asuncion-IX, M/V Asuncion-XI)
    Route: Manila-Coron-Culion and vice versa
    Contact Info: (02)-243-4595

Where to Stay:

Aplaya Lodging House and Resort is the only tourist lodging facility in Culion today. The place is strategically located in the seaside and offers a magnificent view of the sea and Culion’s neighboring islands. Accomodation is pretty cheap, a VIP rooms with toilet and bath is at P400.00/room while the ordinary rooms with communal toilet and bath is at P300/rooms.


  • Visit the Culion Museum, Church, and Fort
  • Take a walk in the town and see the remnants of the old leper colony
  • Climb the Agila, a 300+ steep stairways to a hill
  • Trekking and rock/cliff climbing
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Exlore its beaches, waterfalls and rice terraces
  • Drop by in Pulang Lupa, a site being developed with a halfmoon view of the entire Culion



Lakwatsero Experience:

Lakwatsero visited Culion in June 2008. Read the narratives of his visit here.


  • If you want to experience Coron and Culion in a budget, join a DIY tour or other group tours open for joiners, you will surely find one in the net, I only spent roughly P5000.00 for the entire tour including the round-trip ferry fare by joining Do-It-Yourself Coron-Culion tour organized by Mr. Owen Ferrer.
  • If you are going to Coron via ferry, reserve your tickets early. The earlier the cheaper. My round trip Mega Value ticket in SuperFerry costs only P1700.00. The price can go as high as P3000+ RT and as low as P1300.00.
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  1. there are other possibilities in culion… fireflies in the manggroves of cabulihan, corral reef just infront of culion (bugor) corral garden (lamud) beach island (malcapuya & banana island used to be in old map of culion… nearer culion than coron. unexplored halsey bay (google map it), north cay beach, galoc beach… etc. ask the staff of Maya Hotel for details and advice.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your travel experience in Culion Island.Indeed, Culion Island is one of the amazing islands in the Caliamnes Group of Islands. Busuanga, Coron and Culion are interconnected as islands municipalities.

    Culion is richly blessed with many unique qualities and historical value worth knowing.

    Thanks to Hotel Maya in Culion as the flagship investment of Ateneo-Loyola Hostel Project. Hope and pray more investments will be facilitated and be actualized in Culion Island.

    Richest blessings to Culion Island and its people.

  3. culion now has Hotel Maya-The Ateneo-Loyola Hostel Project, for lodging as well. It is situated near the church and has a wonderful view of the islands and the sea.

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