Ten Must Visit Attractions in El Nido

El Nido

In the recent years, El Nido has quickly transformed from being a laid back tropical paradise into a bustling tourist destination. Words came out and quickly spread like a bushfire, then tourists flocked and businesses sprung. And the tropical paradise had a major facelift far from what it used to be. Admittedly, gone is El Nido’s offbeat vibe.

While all these development fueled the local economy and provided opportunities specially for the locals, here’s hoping that all these tourism activities are all for a responsible and sustainable environment. Without a doubt, El Nido is paradise and I wish it stays as is for generations to come.

I blame no one for El Nido’s fate. It is not proper to find fault on what have happened. Who wouldn’t fall for her? With 45 islands and islets that harbor some of the country’s best and fine white sandy beaches, beautiful turquoise lagoons, picturesque limestone karst cliffs and vivid marine life, El Nido is indeed a piece of paradise!

Are you among those that are enticed to visit or revisit this part of Palawan? If so, make sure not to miss these ten attractions that will surely imprint beautiful pictures of paradise in your head. Beautify your memory with these ten iconic attractions of El Nido bearing in mind to leave no trail. 😉


1. Snake Island

The snake-like sandbar that connects the small islet known as Vigan Island and mainland El Nido.

The Philippines is more beautiful than the Madives! Promise! 🙂 At Snake Island #ElNido #Palawan

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2. Bacuit Bay Sunset

The iconic Cadlao Island on the backdrop of panoramic sunset of Bacuit Bay! Lovely!

3. Shimizu Island

The island named after the Japanese scuba diver that died beneath the water surrounding the island.

4. Helicopter Island

This island’s shape resembles a helicopter, they say.

🇵🇭 El Nido – Filipinas. Palawan foi eleita pela terceira vez a melhor ilha do mundo nos últimos quatro anos. E para entender o porque, só indo lá mesmo. Na foto está a Helicopter Island (que parece mais um T-Rex), parte do Tour C saindo de El Nido. Palawan was elected by the third time the best island of the world in the last four years. And to understand that, the only way is going there. In the pic is the Helicopter Island (that seems more a t-rex), part of the Tour C out of El Nido. #beautifuldestinations #wanderlust #matchingdestinations #huffpostgram #explorenation #nakedplanet #liveauthentic #travelstoke #neverstopexploring #welltraveled #welivetoexplore #earthfever #instatravel #instagood #amazingworld #traveltherapy #traveladdict #worldtravel #bestoftheday #travelphotography #traveltheworld #brilliantmoments #matchingphilippines #elnido #palawan #helicopterisland #drone #mavic #itsmorefuninthephilippines #tourc

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5. Taraw Cliff

A challenging but truly a worthy hike! Best view of El Nido!

6. Small and Big Lagoon of Miniloc Island

That perfectly turquoise water is worth kayaking for!

7. Hidden Beach

Beautiful but not so hidden! 🙂

8. Matinloc Shrine

Hike up the sharp and rocky cliff of Matinloc Shrine for this view!

9. Seven Commandos

An island with a long stretch of fine white sandy beach dotted with coconut trees, weird name but very tropical.

Seven Commando Beach, El Nido, Philippines 📷 @thelakwatsero #ElNido #Palawan #VisitPilipinas

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10. Nacpan and Calitang

Nacpan Beach boasts of approximately four-kilometer stretch of cream sand beach decorated with coconut trees. It meets with the smaller Calitang Beach on the southwest tip.

One of my favorite spots in El Nido – the Twin Beaches of Nacpan and Calitang! #ElNido #Palawan

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