Favorite Beach: Punta Sebaring of Bugsuk Island, Balabac

Punta Sebaring

Let me tease you! They say this beach can fit two soccer fields, I say… on low tide, even three! The sand – white as sugar, fine as powder, soft as cushion! Punta Sebaring is probably the best beach on my list!

Its name does sounds greek and out of this world. Chances are, it is the very first time that you have heard the place. I am not surprised, Punta Sebaring is that offbeat and remote.

It is a patch of perfectly fine and white sand situated on the southern tip of Bugsuk Island, one of the islands that comprise the Municipality of Balabac which also happens to be the southernmost town of Palawan Province, the last of the last frontier.

Punta Sebaring 04
The place displays different shades of blue and green

The beach is dotted with mangroves and serves as playground for wild monkeys. If you are lucky enough, you’ll chance upon mouse deers that occasionally laze along the shore. These mouse deers dwell in the woods in the interior of the island.

It is raw, remote and unspoiled. But words will fall short to describe the sublime beauty of Punta Sebaring.

Punta Sebaring
The water, calm and warm during summer

The water, perfectly turquoise and bountiful. Warm and calm on summer days but roaring during monsoons.

There is no commercial establishment in the island… no bars, no parties, no chaotic crowd. Mobile signal is also non existent. What the place offers is unforgettable experience. Priceless simple pleasures in watching the sunrise, basking in the sun, lazing in the beach and communing with the best of nature.

Punta Sebaring
Catching the sunrise, simple yet priceless pleasure in the island

There’s no easy way of getting here as it takes five hours of land travel from Puerto Princesa and additional two hours of voyage. But the long and strenuous travel will be rewarded by the sheer beauty and enchantment of this slice of paradise.

Punta Sebaring
Punta Sebaring is my top beach!

Let me tease you once more! They say this beach can fit two soccer fields, I say even three during low tide! The sand – white as sugar, fine as powder, soft as cushion! The water – warm and calm on summer, roaring during monsoons. I am certain… Punta Sebaring is the best beach on my list!

To learn more of Punta Sebaring and the entire Balabac Islands, check out my Balabac Travel Guide.


*First published: 02-Mar-2016 | Updated: 08-Jul-2019


  1. Vicky de Jesus

    Hi. How do I get to Punta Sebaring? Will it be via plane, or by land (batangas Port) then boat ride? Are there resorts with good food and accomodation?

    Thanks for the infos. I just love the place because of your posts, even without it in actual.


  2. Chris Dizon

    Hi Lakwatsero,

    How safe it is to go there? I’ve been reading comments from blogs (although these were already 2015) that it’s not safe to go to that part of Palawan. How is proper coordination with the LGU’s help aside from some islands are properly owned? That’s the only thing that’s keeping me from going aside from niknik. How did you prepare for niknik?



  3. cecilia

    Hi Lakwatsero!


    Ngayong Marso, nais ni Jay Taruc na tuklasin at subaybayan ang mga nanganganib(endangered) at katutubong(endemic) hayop, mga bagong tuklas o lingid sa kaalaman ng publiko na mga halaman, insekto at iba pang uri na matatagpuan sa mga isla o kagubatan dito sa Luzon [Philippines].

    Baka may alam po kayong isla / beach na mala- paradise yung lugar (breathless scenic views, jaw-dropping rock formations or cliffs, clear water + white sand) at… higit sa lahat may close encounter sa terrestrial and/or marine biodiversity na matatagpuan dito na mare-refer sa aming team.

    If yes, please kindly contact and inform the person below. ASAP. Sorry! Just… Badly and urgently needed a reply (either chat, text, call, email).

    This will be use as Summer Episode of Jay Taruc’s team. Shoot will be on March 5-8, 2016. Yes. Malapit na. At wala pa rin akong nahahanap… T.T… so, please… baka may kakilala ka, sila, kayo po sa hinahanap ko po among places na narating nyo na po. : )

    THANK YOU!!!!!


    Maria Cecilia G. Nicolas
    Program Researcher
    GMA News and Public Affairs
    M: 0905 204 9958
    E: [email protected]

  4. KC

    Balabac was next on my list! Did you have any problems with niknik? That’s the only thing I’m worried about…

    1. Lakwatsero

      Haha! Yeah, prepare for niknik! 🙂

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