Dubai Visa: How to Apply for Tourist Visa


Going to Dubai soon? Here’s a post to help you on your UAE or Dubai visa application here in the Philippines.

A Filipino tourist going to Dubai or any emirate of the United Arab Emirates needs to secure a visa before your trip. But no need to worry as the application is easy and can be done online.

Types of Tourist Visa

There are a variety of short-term and long-term visa available offering multiple or single entry to UAE. These vary from 30-90 days eligibility.

Transit Visa

Up to 48 or 96 hours, single entry.

Short Term Tourist Visa

With 30 days validity, single or multiple entry.

Long Term Tourist Visa

With 90 days validity, single entry.

Long Term Visit Visa

With 90 days validity, multiple entry.

Service Visa

With 14 days validity with single entry

Please note visas are valid for entry to the UAE up to 60 days from the date of issue.


  • Machine Readable Passports with at least six months validity prior to you date of travel to Dubai / UAE
  • Colored photographs
  • Confirmed airline booking
  • Application form or additional documents depending on visa type

Who can apply for a visa on your behalf?

  • Airlines such as Emirates, FlyDubai, Etihad Airways and Air Arabia
  • Five, four and three star hotels where you have booked a stay
  • Authorized online visa agency like
  • Licensed travel agents or tour operators with whom you have arranged a trip. Please be sure to check the authenticity of travel agents before sharing any details and documentation.
  • Friends or relatives who are residing in the UAE
  • Companies or organizations

Visit the Dubai Department of Naturalisation & Residency (DNRD) website to find out more about other types of sponsors, such as hotels or companies.

Visa Fee

Visa fee varies per type of visa. It starts at around $100US for short term visa up to $500US for long term plus service fee.

If you need assistance on filing of your tourist visa application, email me at [email protected].