Tibiao Travel Guide: Discover Antique’s Gem


Two hours away from the famous Boracay is the quiet town of Tibiao in the province of Antique. It is a laid back town starting to create its own name in the tourism industry with its myriad of natural attractions and activities that will surely delight adventurous souls.

See the a seven-tiered waterfalls called Bugtong Bato, feel the rapids of the Tibiao River, soak in the hot kawa tub, commune with the rain forest of Barangay Tigbaboy, bask in the white sand beach of Seco Island and dive into its rich marine life. With its unspoiled beauty and panoramic scenery, Tibiao will not disappoint.

Tibiao is more than just a Boracay sidetrip, discover the place and experience the uniqueness of the town that is distinctly Tibiao.

How to Get to Tibiao

By Air

Tibiao, Antique can be reached by plane via Caticlan and Kalibo, Aklan or via Iloilo.

Caticlan: Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia have flights to Kalibo from Manila while Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific, Asian Spirit, InterIsland Air and SEA Air has direct flights to Caticlan. From Caticlan, ride a jeepney to Nabas Crossing, a 30-minute ride for P20 then catch another jeepney for a two-and-a-half hour ride for P50 to Tibiao.

Iloilo: Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines fly to Iloilo from Manila daily, travel time is an hour more or less. From Iloilo, there are buses in to Libertad via Tibiao, it is a two-hour ride for P30.

By Land and Sea

You can reach Tibiao via bus and ferries from Batangas Port all the way to Roxas Port of Mindoro and to Caticlan Port of Aklan.

  • Ride a bus to Batanggas Port, then a RORO ferry (Montenegro Shipping Lines, Inc., Contact No: +63 043 723 7975 / +63 043 723 7598) to Calapan, from there take another bus/jeep to the port of Roxas, Mindoro Orriental where you can catch another RORO ferry to Caticlan, then follow the Nabas Crossing-Tibiao, Antique route.
  • Ceres Bus leaves daily from Cubao to Iloilo via Antique, travel time is approximately 20 hours.
  • 2Go Travel has ferry bound for Caticlan from Batangas Port for 12 hours travel of  travel time time, from Caticlan take a bus to San Jose via Caticlan.
  • From Zamboanga to Iloilo is a 16 hours ferry ride; from Cagayan de Oro, 14 hours; from Cebu, 12 hours; from Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, 38 hours. From Iloilo take a bus to Caticlan via San Jose.

Where to Stay in Tibiao

If you plan to spend the night in Antique, you may opt to check-in at Kayak Inn, Tibiao or at Kam’mea Beach Resort in San Jose. But since Boracay and Iloilo are just 2 to 3 hours away, you may also scout for the wide list of hotels and lodges in these places.

What to Do in Tibiao

  • White water rafting/river kayaking in Tibiao River (P3000)
  • Soak in hot kawa tubs
  • Experience Tibiao Fish Spa
  • Trek to Bugtong Bato Falls
  • Spend a day in Seco Island
  • Swim in Tiguis Beach and other nearby beaches
  • Snorkel in Coral Resort
  • Explore Boracay and Iloilo
We are not captives here. This is the hot kawa tub of Tibiao 🙂


Katahum Tours now offers day tour packages in Tibiao. Please visit their site for details, rates and more information: http://www.katahum.com/


  1. […] Iloilo: Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines fly to Iloilo from Manila daily, travel time is an hour more or less. From Iloilo, there are buses in to Libertad via Tibiao, it is a two-hour ride for P30.00 (<$1).(https://www.lakwatsero.com/destinations/tibiao/) […]

  2. Malvin Gelaga

    I”ll visit Boracay this April but I want to side trip to Antique. Can you help me how to get there Antique from boracay. Thanky you

    1. mrexplorer

      Hi Malvin,

      When in April are you planning to visit Bora? Naka book kasi ako April 16-19 . Im also planning na mag side trip sa antique.sa tibiao

    2. mrexplorer

      Hi Malvin,

      When in April are you planning to visit Bora? Naka book kasi ako April 16-19 kalibo. Gusto ko rin pumunta sa antique. Sa tibiao

    3. mrexplorer

      Hi Malvin,

      When in April are you planning to visit Bora? Naka book kasi ako April 16-19 kalibo.

  3. Dear Mr. Angel,

    Thank you for promoting Tibiao! Are you based in Manila? I would like to invite you to visit Tibiao Fish Spa in SM City Pampanga. I will treat you for a half-hour fish spa and half-hour body massage as a sign of thanks for featuring Tibiao in your popular blog.

    God bless you more!

    Best regards,


  4. Sarah

    Hi Mr. Angel 🙂 definitely an angel, even if you dont have wings hahaha 🙂 🙂
    I’m Sarah and I just want to say that I really find your posts very informative and I’m just glad I stumbled upon your blog 🙂
    my friends and I are planning to have a summer vacation at tibiao this coming april, and now, with all the pictures and the informations and sites you’ve recommended i am really sure that we are definitely in for a wonderful tremendous adventure.. I am soo excited 😀

    1. Haha! Thanks Sarah! Enjoy Tibiao and keep on traveling 🙂

  5. rowena

    hi good morning ano pong telephone ng roro bus dito sa cubao going to kalibo .pls reply salamat

  6. pam

    hi, i am from bacolod city and i am planning to go to boracay via passi route. How long does it take from iloilo to caticlan via passi route? much less hours compared to the usual iloilo – (aklan) to caticlan?

    1. Sion

      Yes, it is. Better road condition in a new iloilo- capiz (via passi) compare to the old one. Seven hours in total from which it include one stop at Mang Inasal in Kalibo for unlimited rice. =)) In my personal experience much better to take Iloilo- Kalibo via Antique. We spent 5 hours only or more and that’s include one stop at Culasi for snacks. The reason is that the road in Antique is all straightforward and well- maintained (except antique-iloilo boundary). And you can save fuel too because most of the time your vehicle is on high gear. Unlike Capiz and Kalibu where uphill/downhill.

  7. […] in the lush green scenery of Barangay Tuno in Tibiao, Antique is a multi-tiered waterfalls called Bugtong Bato, one of the 17 waterfalls of the town. […]

  8. kamusta sa akon kasinmanwa dyan sa Tibiao…most especially to our mayor and family.sa mga elem and highschool classmates ko..all my teachers,friends and relatives..nakita ko sa google ang mga nami nga parasyalan dyan..daw gusto ko mag uli ah..

  9. John

    Can you tell me how to contact the Kammea Beach Resort in San Jose? Thanks

  10. tamen

    maad2 q ja ky faith

  11. dhes

    tibiao is a nice place to stay & to unwind!!specially in tuno wer,u can find 7 water falls..u can go mountain climbing too!!mawawala tlaga pagod nu pag andon n kau!!

  12. nikki

    wla kang lifevest sa tibiao? ive tried white water rafting in davao.. mukhang mas rough ang water sa tibiao

  13. aztig ang tibiao….. taga ridja daan ko…
    yahooo…. bongga lugar namun… ad2 kamu ja… hehehe…. u gonna love it….

    1. caly sands

      Hi Karla, pwede ako magtanong, meron bng lodging house ung bugtong bato if we want to stay overnight?

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  15. Marcusmonde

    Can we go from Coron to Caticlan by ferry? Or vice versa? What about Caticlan to Puerto Princessa?
    It’s my second trip to Boracay this summer and I wish to go to Palawan obviously and like to try ferry for the first time.

    There is no direct Caticlan-Puerto Princesa nor Caticlan-Coron ferry. What you can do is travel via bus from Caticlan to Iloilo, where you can catch a ferry to Puerto Princesa via Cuyo. Cuyo is a very beautiful place also. Though you can charter a banca from Boracay directly to Coron, but that would cost much! 🙂

  16. Nice naman 🙂 Adventure tayo dito sa Paluan Occidental Mindoro….


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