Things to Do in Boracay

Tibiao River Kayaking

Boracay is indeed a paradise. With fine white sand beaches and blue water as backdrop, the place is haven for those who like sea sports, swimming, sun bathing (if you like a tan), snorkeling and scuba diving not to mention island hopping. It is also a tropical party place with its cozy bars and restaurants. So for a typical tourist, those are the activities waiting for you.

But of course, I enjoy doing things differently. My first time in Boracay, we spent a day in Tibiao, Antique, two hours away from the white beach, for a white water kayaking, and ended up with bruises and swellings all over our body, we enjoyed it nevertheless. We also trekked to a majestic waterfalls and soaked in a hot kawa tub at the end of a day. I tell you, it was more than a sidetrip. The fun and adventure we had in Tibiao is worth all the bruises and body aches which I will not trade for a lazy day of just swimming and lying in the beach or partying in the bars (I am not a party goer anyway).

Things to do in Boracay and Tibiao

[1] Braid your hair.
[2] Soak in a hot kawa tub.
[3] Trek to waterfalls.
[4] Kayak in Tibiao River.
[5] Watch the sunset.
[6] Try aquatic sports.

But then a Boracay experience will never be complete without the usual activities: island tour and a visit to the crystal cave, beach hopping in Puka Beach and Balang Hai Beach, finding nemo in Boracay waters, and some aquatic sports such as Banana Boat Ride and Fly Fish (I wish to try parasailing too, hmm… next time).

On my recent Boracay visit, I discovered one great and funny thing to do there. While sitting on the sand, after watching the sun set, I started digging and digging and digging until I came up with a masterpiece I am truly proud of. A lot of friends didn’t believe me, but I apparently did a SAND LAMP, well okay, with the help of two kids. But I claim 80% of work for this one, honest! Since building Sand castles now requires permit in Bora, local kids resorted to creating sand lamps and asking donations from amazed tourists. I saw their works, and I challenged myself to create one (and beg for donation too.) Here’s how:

Create you own Sand Lamp

[1] Dig.
[2] Shape.
[3] Dig and shape more.
[4] Polish.
[5] Name it.
[6] Pose.
[7] Pose with people who help you. Thanks Junjun and Ericson!
[8] Put a candle in the hole and pose once more.
[9] Bravo! A sand lamp. Ready to beg for donation 🙂


A day in Tibiao is worth P3000. Inclusive of the round trip transportation, white water kayaking with equipments, meals, and a very rare chance to soak in a hot kawa tub. If you are interested, you may get in touch with the Sand Castle Resort in Boracay, they organize the Tibiao Adventure.

Sand lamp making is free of charge. 🙂

Other activities and approximate budget:

  • Island tour: P1200-P1500
  • Banana boat ride, 15 mins: P250/pax – minimum of 5 pax
  • Fly fish, 15 mins: P600/pax – minimum of 3 pax
  • Parasailing, 15 mins: P2,500
  • Jetski, 30 mins: P2,000 / 60 mins: P3,500
  • Tube ride, water ski, wake board, 15 mins: P1,500 / 30 mins: P2,500 / 60 mins: P3,800
  • Speed boat rental, 60 mins: P3,500


  1. Nice photos, you really look that you had a great time 😀
    thanks for the info though

  2. Olga

    Interesting article! Thanks! Did you have a chance to go on adventure trip to Ariel’s Point? It includes boat ride, exciting cliff jumping, snorkeling, BBQ buffet and unlimited drinks for just 1200P! Try it also – you will be returning there again and again ;)!

    1. I heard the cliff jumping in Ariel’s Point, but I haven’t try it yet. Will surely do on my next Boracay trip 🙂

  3. sana sa susunod, di na “backdraft” ang isulat mo kasi “backdrop” siya.. Eniwei nice site. keep on blogging.

    hahaha! oo nga naman! thanks! lol

  4. Junebiyatch

    thanks for the info about the activity prices …im going to boracay this june…nainggit ako sa sand land… gagawa rin ako ng sakin! weheheheh

  5. lurking…

  6. Jessa

    Nice!! I’ve been there April of this year and will be going abck this Sept. Gus2 ko i-try ung kawa tub and ung sa waterfalls.. and nice sand lamp.. galing!! Naku!! I’m soo excited to go back na.. ehehe!!

  7. oo nga maganda yung tub

  8. Rose

    Hay gusto ko ung kawa tub , ang cute nyannnnnnn! Parang pagkain na niluluto, hahaha! But seriously it’s a cute photo 🙂 i wanna have one of that too!

  9. Bilib namn ako sa iyo! Astig at nakagawa ka pa ng lamp sa buhangin! Hehe. Sana lang ay di siya nabasa ng alon.

    wow, salamat sa pagbisita. ahehe! Actually, kinabukasan, binisita ko ang sand lamp na ginawa ko, di naman sya sinira ng alon, tao ang sumira sa kanya… Ganun talaga, ang nature di naninira, ang tao lang… haha, marelate talaga…

    := Bleue (aka Lakwatsero) =:

  10. nice lamp! masarap yong feeling na nakagawa ka nga ganyan noh? hehehe… lalo na kung sand castle yan 🙂 pero medyo mahirap ng konti 🙂 ANyways, oo ang ganda nga ng tibiao. it’s worth going there. sana pumunta rin kayo sa New Washington sa kalibo dami ring mga magagandang puntahan dun. Like the Christmas Village. So marami ka bang nakuhang donations? hehehehe…

    i left the sand lamp to the kids, i hope may nagbigay ng donations sa kanila 😀 Thanks for dropping by my site 😛

    := Bleue (aka Lakwatsero) =:

  11. wow! nakakainggit naman.. :-)pag makpunta ako dyan, gagawa ako ng sand lamp. heheh.

  12. boracay

    so…Where is Tibiao? I think I must be missing something. Theres is no-where on Boracay thats more than 8 minutes from any other part of Boracay. And no whitewater anywhere except in the sea with the storms we’ve been having for the last 2 weeks solid. Is that place a day-trip tour away from Boracay over to Romblon or Carabao island?

    But the hair braiding thing, yea, its all over here. (mostly with Koreans though). I dont get it and think it looks tacky, but I never bother people and use it as my own personal amusement when I see people with fresh braids strutting in just that subtle hint that you can tell they feel a tad more ‘cooler’ or hip. Perhaps ‘strutting’ comes off negatively, and I dont intend that at all…but you get the point. This place is definitely unique to any other vacation spot I’ve seen in the world – I’ve never seen it anywhere but here, he he. Its only tourists and the braiders themselves.

    Ei there, Tibiao is in Antique, Panay mainland, two hours away from Boracay, a day trip in this town is all worth it… and with the braid, yeah, it has this KEWL effect! HAHAHA!

    := Bleue (aka Lakwatsero) =:

  13. mukhang toilet bowl yung “lamp” 8D

    Never been to Boracay; probably never will. that place is too busy

  14. Ang cute ng sand lamp! Makagawa nga rin niyan!

  15. WOW. I believe you. You were definitely bored!

  16. I’ll save up for a trip to Boracay 🙂

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