Kayangan Lake: My Heaven in Coron


Coron is one of the places in the Philippines that has a special place in my heart. In fact, it is one of the very few that I consider whenever I decide someday to relocate. I mean, with all these white sandy island beaches, limestone islets and cliffs, picturesque landscape, amazing marine life and interesting underwater finds… who would not fall in love with the place? Needless to say, Coron awed me big time!

Kayangan Lake
The entrance to Kayangan Lake of Coron

But since relocating and settling somewhere is still a distant dream, I guess I will just be contented for now on visiting my idea of paradise whenever I can. It is just an overnight ferry away from Manila anyway.

Coron is blessed with a lot of of amazing spots but one that I make sure I do not miss whenever I’m there is the Kayangan Lake, my favorite spot in town. It is a picture of natural beauty, a breathtaking scenery… one that I won’t get tired of visiting.

Kayangan Lake
A calm and clear turquoise water of Kayangan Lake

Once off limit to tourists along with Barracuda Lake, Kayangan Lake is one of seven enchanting lakes of Coron, a sacred cultural site for the indigenous Tagbanua tribe of Calamianes. It is believed that spirits used to dwell in the sacred lakes that a meticulous ritual was performed to transfer the spirits from Kayangan and Barracuda to Cabugao, the biggest of all lakes, before the two were opened to general public.

Kayangan Lake
A bamboo raft will take you around the lake

I have encountered various claims of cleanest lake in the Philippines, even Kayangan Lake itself claims the title. But I have no reservation for it. The clean and clear turquoise water of Kayangan Lake speaks for itself.

Kayangan Lake is a usual stop of an island hopping tour. A fee of P200 per person is required for every guest entering the lake, quite steep but truly worth it! A wooden stairway leads from the entrance to a small cave that provides a breathtaking view of the cove, make sure not to miss it! The iconic cove entrance to the lake, probably the most photographed spot in all of Coron, is the picture of Coron that we usually see. Personally, I think I can spend my whole day just looking at the awe inspiring cove. It is truly beautiful!

Kayangan Lake
A small cave, where you’ll also get the best view of Kayangan Cove

From the cave, the trail goes down to a wooden walkway of the lake. Be careful when swimming and avoid diving, the underwater rocks around the lake are sharp!

I am ending this post with this postcard-perfect shot of Kayangan Cove, the entrance to the lake. I tell you, the image doesn’t lie, a true beauty. It is my heaven in Coron!

Kayangan Lake
The iconic shot of the entrance to Kayangan Lake

How to Get to Coron

By Air

By Air, Franciso B. Reyes Airport of Busuanga is the jump off point to Coron. Philippine Airlines, Skyjet, Air Juan and Cebu Pacific have direct flights to Busuanga from Manila, Cebu, Clark, Caticlan, Puerto Princesa and San Vicente. From Busuanga, catch a 45-minute van ride to Coron town for P150.00 per person (2015 rate).

By Sea

Manila to Coron:

2Go Travel has twice a week voyage from Manila to Coron and Puerto Princesa. The ferry usually leaves in the afternoon for a 13 to 14 hours journey. There’s a ferry that leaves Friday afternoon, arriving in Coron at 5AM of Saturday with return ferry leaving Coron at 430PM of Sunday, arriving Manila at 630AM of Monday. This is perfect for weekend warriors, but expect some delays. Aside from 2Go Travel, there are also other ferry operators from Manila to Coron including:

Operator: J.V. Serrano Shipping Lines (M/V D’Asean Journey, M/V D’Sea Journey)
Route: Manila-Coron and vice versa; Coron to Cuyo and vice versa
Contact Info: (02)-243-4595

Operator: Atienza Shipping Lines (M/V Josilee-II, M/V April Rose, M/V Q-Carrelyn-III)
Route: Manila-Coron-El Nido-Liminangcong and vice versa
Website : http://www.atienzashippinglines.net
Email: [email protected]
Telephone No. : (02)-986-3118 and (02)-536-8123

You can book your ferry or plane tickets from Manila to Coron and vice versa below:


El Nido to Coron:

Fast craft and outrigger boats connect El Nido to Coron with daily departures. Travel time is at least 3.5  hours for a fare of around P1,800 one-way via fast craft; around 7 hours for a fare of P1,400 one-way via outrigger boat; and around 8 hours for a fare of P1,200 one-way via passenger ferry.

You can book your ferry or plane tickets from El Nido to Coron below:


Puerto Princesa to Coron:

2Go Travel going to Manila stops at Coron. You can book your ferry from Puerto Princesa to Coron below:


San Jose (Mindoro) to Coron:

Outrigger boats regularly depart from San Jose, Occidental Mindoro to Coron. Travel time is approximately five (5) hours and fare is around P600 one-way.

You can book your boat from San Jose (Mindoro) to Coron below:



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    Like many tourist spots in Philippines, it becomes a procession and all the corrupt local high ups will want a cut of all the money flow. They will call it “eco tax” to make it sound good in the typical Filipino way, but as soon as any place becomes popular the greedy businessmen and politicians (always the same thing in philippines) will want their cut

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  3. We will be in Coron this week. How do we get there? By boat? Thanks

  4. Kayangan Lake truly is beautiful. It was my favorite spot in Coron as well. I loved it just as much for its mystery as I did for its natural beauty. There was something otherworldly about this body of water. It felt holy, almost mystical in its stillness.

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