Snapshot: Bantayan After Haiyan

Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island



While biking in Bantayan Island, I saw these kids. They were obliviously playing, laughing and teasing each other while pushing their old tires with their wooden sticks. I followed them. I followed them as they race on the idle street of their hometown, occasionally stopping to take a snap or two. They were ignoring me but I kept on chasing them.

I used to play the same when I was a kid so I remember my childhood days in them. Those carefree, problem-free and happy days!

I kept on following until I couldn’t control my urge… I approached them like a kid looking for playmates. And in broken Cebuano and fluent smile, I spoke to them in the language they speak best – the language of a child. They lent me one and they laughed as I rolled the tire on the street. I told them I could pass for a kid… I am still a kid!

The kid in me wanted to stay and play with them as long as I want but I had to leave. Before leaving, I asked for a souvenir photo and they gamely posed.

They were all staring at me as my bike sped past them, away from them. I left with the biggest smile that I could produce. I was happy and relieved that despite the horror that Super Typhoon Haiyan brought, these kids were back in the streets, with the whole island as their playground, bearing the innocent smile and laughter as if nothing happened. I am pretty sure, these kids still have a good childhood! 🙂


  1. Jean


    How much does it cost to rent a bike? Thanks!

    1. margananda

      100 pesos per day 🙂

  2. i miss bantayan, hope to go back there soon 🙂

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