Dingalan Dreams: Postcards from Aurora’s Newest Hotspot


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Be blown away, literally and figuratively, in Dingalan!

Located on the eastern coast of Central Luzon, Dingalan is Aurora Province‘s answer to the famed cliffside rolling hills of Batanes, Calayan and Palaui. Ragged and rustic, wild and treacherous!

But aside from its varied coastal attractions, Dingalan also boasts of other inland natural wonders – mountain peaks, waterfalls, rivers and cave systems! Offbeat and unspoiled… all waiting to be explored!

Trek to the lighthouse or viewdeck to see the cliffside rolling hills of Dingalan; camp in White Beach or Matawe Inter-Tidal Beach; go waterfall chasing in Tanawan Falls, Abungan Falls, Laktas Falls, Tabi Falls and Iyapit Falls; charter a boat to Lamaw Caves; or try windsurfing in Aplaya and Butas na Bato.

So much beauty to be seen… so much activities to do! Dingalan!

Let me take you there via this slideshow but if you wish to visit Dingalan, this Travel Guide will come handy.