Slideshow: Mementos from Cordillera Ride (Ifugao – Mountain Province – Kalinga Ride)

Mementos from Cordillera Ride

Images from Ifugao – Mountain Province – Kalinga
(All images are taken using phone camera)

Morning in Mount Polis
After being stranded in the road for more than 18 hours, we spent the night in Mount Polis in northern Hungduan. Our ride the next day started with this view.
Rolling Down to Bontoc
With the morning fog of Cordillera embracing us, we rolled down from Mount Polis to Bontoc.
Biking to the Clouds
We were literally biking to and through the clouds as we rolled down to Bontoc.
Early Morning in Bayyo
We stopped along the main highway with the view of the beautiful rice terraces of Bayyo.
Touchdown Bontoc
Courtesy call to the local mountain biking group of Bontoc who served us really good coffee.
Bontoc View
The view of Bontoc we rarely see, this as we biked towards Sadanga.
Rough is Fun
The road to Sadanga is a combination of rough and cemented lane. But mountain bikes are designed for rough roads, so we are not complaining :))
Anabel Rice Terraces
Another beautiful rice terraces, this one in Anabel Village of Sadanga
Betwagan Rice Terraces
And then another breathtaking scene - the Betwagan Rice Terraces of Sadanga.
Onward to Tinglayan
Pleasing scenery in Bugnay, the first village of TInglayan from Bontoc.
Beautiful Bugnay
At the intersection going to Buscalan, our eyes feasted on this view.
Beautiful Bugnay
The rice terraces of Bugnay as seen from the intersection going to Buscalan.
Crossroad to Buscalan
Five kilometer to the village of Buscalan.
Sleeping Beauty
The sleeping beauty of Tinglayan - Mount Patukan, Mating-oy Dinayao and Mantingoy.
The Road to Buscalan
Rough road and awe-inspiring scenery en route to Buscalan.
Printed stills posted on the wall of Whang-Od's home.
Living Legend
Apo Whang-od, the last “mambabatok”.
Mountain Game
The Philippines is a basketball nation.. yes even in the remote villages in the mountains.
Daybreak in Buscalan
Sunrise in Padjao Rice Terraces of Buscalan.
Morning in Buscalan
Our morning view as we trekked from Buscalan to Butbut.
Rolling Down in Butbut
Another awesome scene as we rolled down in the village of Butbut.
Rolling Down in Butbut
See this trail? We were the happiest bikers!
A Piece of Batanes in Tulgao
For some reason, this spot reminded me of Batanes.
Hail to Tulgao
Hail-worthy view of Tulgao Rice Terraces.
Tulgao Rice Terraces
We don't see this view everyday.
Tulgao Rice Terraces
We couldn't resist taking some snaps in this spot.
Tunneling in Lubuagan
Short stop (for photo ops) in a short tunnel in Lubuagan.
En Route to Tabuk
Short stop (for photo ops) in a bridge in Lubuagan.
Touchdown Tabuk
Courtesy call to the local mountain biking group of Tabuk.

There’s no doubt that the mountainous region of Cordillera is one of the best places in the Philippines for cross country mountain biking. Its trails, off roads, ascends and down slopes are haven for riders who love surprises and challenges. Challenges that are rewarded with the unparalleled beauty… of breathtaking rice terraces and endless horizon of greens, of warm hospitality of the mountain people, and of the overall experience that will definitely turn into one of, if not your most memorable bike adventure.

In our tradition of exploring Cordillera by bikes, we once again ventured into the highland and spent four days and three nights discovering the offbeat trails and hidden wonders of the mountain and its people. Not minding the 10 hours of delay as we got stranded in Nueva Vizcaya, we pedaled from Banaue to Bontoc, Tinglayan and Tabuk for another ride that is truly one for the books.

An epic ride immortalized in this slideshow.