Why We Travel?

We travel for various reasons. Some find it a luxury, others as passion, a way to escape or just for the sake of fun. So I asked some travel bloggers why they do and I was surprised to see their diverse responses.

I travel…

…because I want to learn in a classroom called world.” – Izah Morales

…because the world has so much to offer.” – Renz Bulseco

…to avoid monotony!” – Mhe-anne Ojeda

…to discover the things which are not taught at home or in school.” – Darwin Miranda Cayetano

…because it makes me happy!” – Catherine Iblan

…to discover just how far I can go.” – Aleah Phils

…to challenge myself.” – Juanderful Pinoy

…to explore, experience and be inspired.” – Brenna Bustamante

…to find some bits of me and life on the road.” – Lisa Marie Mirasol

…to explore and experience diversity.” – Dong Ho

…to find the answer.” – Melo Villareal

…to be physically fit.” – Doi Domasian

…because it completes me. ” – Reiza Dejito

…to experience life itself.” – Mich Borlagdan

…to experience life in different ways.” – Astrid Zoe Reburiano

…because I want to.” – Nina Fuentes

…to capture memories of this journey called life.” – Elal Jane L. Lasola

…because of photography, capturing the beauty of a place in a single frame.” – Jerome Baluyut

…because I can.” – Eileen Campos

…just coz.” – Claire Raborar-Blaxland

…to encourage people to travel too.” – Ada Lajara

“…because it’s fun.” – Ivan Briñas Cultura

…because I gain life and one that I can share with others along the road.” – Wendell Glenn Cagape

…for the post-travel hangover.” – Angel Juarez

…because I want to be inspired.” – Micaela Rodriguez

…to discover because I want to share what’s out there.” – Josiah Sicad

…because I wanna experience more.” – Marky Ramone Go

…to both lose and find pieces of myself.” – Robbie Bautista

“…because it’s the only cure to my self-diagnosed disease called compulsive travel syndrome.” – Rv Escatron

…because it makes me happy thus; happiness is my reason.” – Dane Policarpio

…to learn and experience the things that make one place unique among others.” – Kevin Franciz

…to learn more and to find missing pieces of myself.” – Joanna Jane Liwag

…because I just love exploring places.” – Ca de Ramos

…to be the fairies and pirates of our childhood storybooks.” – Ron Cruz

…to escape.” – Upper Viceo

…to experience and understand.” – Chyng Reyes

…to have fun.” – Chairell Winston Almendras

…because it feeds my soul.” – Gael Hilotin

…to enjoy life and savor God’s wonderful creations.” – Journeying Pinay

Why do you travel?


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