Proudly Pinoy?

Last week was a roller coaster of emotions for Filipinos. We were all shocked as we witnessed a tragic event unfolds, jubilation followed as we saw our bet performed well in the global pageant, mourned the following day for the victims of the bloodbath, happy the next day as we welcomed the return of our Miss Universe bet, and mixed emotions followed day after day after day. While all these happen, the world’s eyes were on us.

Our pride was shaken. Despite the accomplishment of our Pinay bet to the pageant, the carnage in the capital put us in bad light and most Pinoys out there who were so proud to be sons and daughters of heroes almost gave up the Filipino blood in them.

If it was a test, we miserably failed. Understandably because of the circumstances and events that were not something to be proud of. We condemned what happened, but what the world saw after the condemnation were of bad taste. Instead of offering flowers and candles as Benj said, policemen, students and bystanders flocked to the place and had their pictures taken as if the tragic spot was a tourist attraction. Meanwhile the government, police and media tried to wash their hands off.Again, these acts are not something to be proud of,  which led to me to a question: what exactly is “Pinoy” pride?

Is it the pride we brag as we dominate the world records for the longest suman, biggest bibingka or largest contingent of simultaneous breast feeders?

Is it the pride we chant as we cheer for Manny Pacquiao, Charice Pempengco or Venus Raj?

Is it the pride we print on our shirts? Pages we follow on Facebook? Quotes we post on our blogs?

If it is, such a shallow pride.

How can we say that we love our country and we are proud of our race if in the simplest things, we fail to prove it. We intentionally break traffic rules, we tolerate simple corruption, we throw waste just everywhere, we curse people as we go out of over crowded train. In the tragic event that transpired, we said we sympathize yet we failed to convince the world that we do. These do not support the pride we constantly brag! Whatever happened to Filipino pride.

My friend Alma, an OFW in Dubai said, “We should quit the hot and cold attitude to our country. We see Charice on Oprah and we are too proud to be a Filipino. The next day that we witness a tragedy unfolds and we are so ready to change our citizenship. Love it or hate it, the truth is when we die we’d still want to be buried in our homeland.” I couldn’t agree more!

While we should show to the the world our sincere grief and sympathy, now also is the best time to take off the old pride we used to wear and start practicing it in a deeper sense. Be a Filipino! In thoughts, in words, and in deeds.

Happy National Heroes Day!


  1. This post, “Proudly Pinoy? | Lakwatsero”
    demonstrates the fact that u really understand just what exactly
    you are talking about! I really absolutely
    agree. Thanks -Leila

  2. marabas2

    amidst turmoil, this one inspires..:-)

    1. thanks 🙂

  3. and yeah,sadly,i saw those photos of “the infamous bus-turned-tourist-spot” on the hate page of Philippines in facebook now and i’m pretty sure it is all over the web now. 🙁

  4. very well said Angel.some of our fellow Filipinos wear apparels boasting Pinoy pride but look at how they look down on other Filipino ethnic groups.some call themselves campers or mountaineers but can’t even dump their trash in the right place. some promote the Philippines through their blogs but when unfortunate events like this happens,they suddenly shrink and assume other citizenhip. it is expected but still it is unfortunate. i understand the feeling but i don’t believe it.thnx for sharing your thoughts Angel. Congrats uli! 🙂

    1. Thanks Gael 🙂
      Ituloy lang nating ang pagiging mabuting Filipino, as we pledged when we were young, “Sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa!”

  5. Sir,
    I am an OFW working here in Saudi arabia and I am no matter how bad the image other filipinos portrayed to teh world would still remain a filipino no matter what. Here i always feel happy everytime i watch news about the feats of some filipinos who bring laurels to our country but i felt sad when such horrible incidents happened in manila because it smudges our images as a country. It saddenes me but we cant make everyone realized the essence of his nationality because not all appreciates what is going on in our beloved Philippines. Why there are such incidents like the hostage taking last few weeks? because soem can no longer withstand what is taking place in our society and why do you think there are so many OFW’s? Because whether we admit it or not our country is suffering from so much abuse and is being taken advantage by few but despite all this the Filipno people patiently endure all the test we are going through as a nation. I do not condone the idea of violence but i believe what happened should be taken seriously and let us get a closer examination of its real cause.I absolutely agree with your views and i am hoping that one day the Filipino will try to wake up dig from his past regain what was lost and try to practice the real Filipino ways and self esteem.

    1. I have a great admiration to our OFW! Thanks for sharing your views Juvy! And thank you for being a pride of the Philippines! Continue being a good Filipino!

  6. bim madrigal

    I share the same sentiments. Well written piece Mr. Lakwatsero.

    1. thanks sir 🙂

  7. toniprotacio

    i couldn’t agree more… very well said, sir.

    1. thanks toni 🙂

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