Reacquainted with Tagaytay

The howling wind woke me up. It was the same wind that brought me into deep slumber the night before. The barbecue night and massage the previous night sure pampered me, and I was still feeling full and refreshed. For a couple of minutes, I was staring blankly on the ceiling, lying on the sweet comfort of my queen sized bed, occasionally glancing on my window.

The howling wind persisted. The air-conditioning unit was turned off the whole night but the coolness of the outside wind prevailed. I stood up and walked to my veranda, the morning wind whistled once more.

A view from the  veranda of my room at Summit Ridge Hotel

I marveled at the great scenery right in front of me. The smallest active volcano on its lake being kissed by golden rays of the sun as it slowly rises from the horizon of cotton clouds and blue sky.

“Life is beautiful”, I uttered while breathing fresh air at the backdrop of nature’s wonders.

And it was even more beautiful on that moment because I was standing on the highest and coldest point in Tagaytay City; overlooking the Taal Lake and Volcano; inhaling the fresh breeze of the city; and listening to the murmuring wind overpowering the morning calmness of the place.

I went to the shower and the warm water was a great relief to the cold morning. I fixed my self and went down for a sumptuous buffet breakfast before going to the Flower Farm and Caleruega for a tour.

At the Flower Farm

For a day, I was reacquainted with Tagaytay. Its temperate weather, fresh and clean air, astonishing landscape, the beautiful scenery, great foods, and lovely people. So much has changed since the last time I spent a day there, but the old charm remains.

I wouldn’t be there without Robinson’s Land Corporation and Summit Ridge Hotel, who invited me for an overnight stay at Summit Ridge Hotel Tagaytay. Thanks also to Seri Asia Spa for a very relaxing massage, to C2 Restaurant for a sumptuous barbecue night and buffet breakfast and to Robinson’s Promenade for lunch food tour 🙂

Brightly towering in Tagaytay

Thanks to all of you for letting me revisit and appreciate Tagaytay once more, and thanks for letting me realize again that life is indeed beautiful! You all made it even more 🙂

Summit Ridge Hotel is located at Kilometer 58, General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City, the highest point in the city with the best view of Taal Lake and Volcano.


  1. ishary

    wow ganda nmn, help pls.. gusto ko pumunta jn ksma special someone ko celebrate nmin bday nya and anniv nmin. magkano kea mggasto hehehe. thanks

  2. toni protacio

    naku, sakto na naman ito.. i’ll be in tagaytay tomorrow.. we missed buffet breakfast at Josephine’s eh..i’d like to ask how do we go to Flower Farm from Josephine’s. commute lang kami ha.. naisip ko rin na we can go visit Caleruega after Josephine’s. turuan mo naman ako how to get there… thanks..

    1. Hi Toni, Flower Farm is located at Barrio Guinhawa, Tagaytay City, I am not sure of public transportation going there, pero parang walang diretso. Bu then, close ang Flower Farm pag weekends. I guest Caleruega na lang and Bag of beans 🙂

  3. eto ba yung tinanong mu saken nung isang araw kung ksama ako? ikaw na tlga ang sikat at ikaw ay invited!;) I read this before ke Nina. Looks like a posh place to hang out, mukhang masarap nga mag-overnight jan.

  4. Mari Yoka

    This place is really great… we frequent this place.

  5. Tagaytay is very near my place.. just an hour away from home… I usually spend a day there whenever I just need to breathe some fresh air… =D

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