Climbing Mount Fuji: Frequently Asked Questions

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You always wanted to climb Mount Fuji but you don’t know where to start? Then you come to the right place! Here are the Frequently Asked Questions on climbing Mount Fuji via Yoshida Trail answered in Filipino perspective.

There are actually four trails going to the summit of Mout Fuji but Yoshida Trail is the most popular as it is the usual route of climbers from Tokyo and nearby areas.

Mount Fuji
Sea of clouds at Station 6, 2390 meters above sea level.

Is a guide required?
– No. The trails are well established and marked.

How many day/s do I need?
– A day trek (bullet climb) is possible but highly discouraged. Two days and one night is the ideal itinerary.

Are there accommodations in the mountain?
– There are accommodations/huts from Station 6 up to Station 8.5. Rate starts at 7,100JPY per person per night during weekdays and 8,100JPY on weekends. Advanced reservation is advised during peak season or month of August. They accept credit cards.


Mount Fuji
Accommodation at 6th Station, 8,100JPY per person on weekends, dinner included.

When is the best time to climb?
– Climbing season is from July to September or during summer to early autumn.

Do I need a permit?
– No need for permit during climbing season, just pay 1,000JPY at the trailhead at Station 5. Special permit is required outside the climbing season.

How long does it take to reach the summit?
– From the trailhead at Station 5 to the summit via Yoshida Trail takes at least five (5) hours.

Mount Fuji
Summit of Mount Fuji, 3776 meters above sea level.

How long does it take to reach the accommodation area?
– From the trailhead at Station 5, trek for at least 30 minutes to station 6, 90 minutes to Station 7, three hours to Station 8 or four hours to Station 8.5.

How much do I need to prepare?
– If you are coming from Tokyo, prepare at least 17,000JPY or around 8,000PHP.

How do I go to the trailhead?
– Take a bus from Shibuya or Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko (1,800JPY one-way), transfer to another bus to Station 5 (2,100JPY round-trip).

Mount Fuji
At 8th Station, 3020 meters.

I am not a hardcore mountaineer, will I be able to do it?
– Mount Fuji is for all ages. For as long as you have reasonable amount of fitness, you can do it. 😀

Does it snow on the summit?
– Not during summer.

Is there electricity/mobile signal in the mountain?
– Yes! Even free wifi.

Mount Fuji
The traffic near the summit before sunrise.

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