Mararison Island: A Gem of Culasi, Antique

Based on local folklore, the islands of Mararison along with Maniguin and Batbatan are siblings separated from their parents – Mount Madjaas and Mount Kanlaon – by their envious neighbor Mount Baloy. Seen from above, the three islands seem to be reaching out to their grieving mother Madjaas, Mararison is the closest and just within reach.

Mararison Island
Mararison Island, one of the gems of Culasi!

Just fifteen minutes boat ride from mainland Antique, Mararison Island (also called Malalison Island) is a small fishing village off the coast of the town of Culasi. But the tourism boom is quickly changing the way the island lives as locals turn to guides and households into homestays. Mararison Island agreeably embraced its new found fate.

Mararison Island
Mararison Island, an emerging tourism hotspot of Culasi.

With a land area of 55 hectares, the island is characterized by grassy rolling hills and white sandy beach on the eastern coast paving the way for the island to become a new tourism hotspot. During rainy season, the grassy hills resemble the rolling hills of Batanes. On dry months however, the place exudes a grassy summit of Mount Pulag feels. The grassy rolling hills are decorated with pitcher plants, quite amazing as this rare insect-eating plant is usually found in the forest but the rolling hills of Mararison Island seems like a farm!

Mararison Island
The grassy rolling hills of Mararison Island.

A trek along the rolling hills takes around an hour and requires a local guide. The journey will take you to the western coast overlooking Nablag Islet, one of the best spots to see the sunset. Local guides are readily available P200 per guide for a group of one to ten persons.

Mararison Island
At the western coast overlooking Nablag Islet.

More than the rolling hills, the white sand beach and its attached sandbar are the prime features of Mararison Island. The sandbar on its eastern tip emerges substantially during low tide and present only during summer and amihan or southeast monsoon season. This spot offers a panoramic view of sunrise on the backdrop of Mount Madjaas and mainland Antique.

Mararison Island
Mararison Island Sandbar.

The water surrounding the island was once devastated by illegal fishing but now slowly recovering. With the protection of the locals, give it five years or so and it will be teeming with marine life for scuba divers and snorkelers to enjoy.

Mararison Island
Eastern coast of Mararison Island with mainland Panay on the far background.

But if there’s one thing that you will want to remember about the place, it is the Mararison Island Children’s Choir. Lovely kids with lovely voices singing songs from the island and for the island. These kids, aged four to eight years are under the supervision of Joeryl Amora, some of them were able to learn how to sing notes first than to write their names. They are faces of hope, of dreams… of the island.

Mararison Island
Mararison Island Children’s Choir.

Mararison… a small island full of wonders and surprises. Trek to Lantawan Peak, walk the grassy rolling hills, be amazed with its rich biodiversity, bask on its beaches, swim on its turquoise water, catch the sunrise and the sunset, be serenaded by the voices of its children. Oh, the simple pleasures of Mararison Island!

How to go to Mararison Island

From Kalibo or Caticlan, catch a bus to Culasi, travel time is at least two hours and fare is at least P110. At Culasi Port, boat can be hired for P750 (good for five, round trip).

Guide and Homestays

Guide fee P200 for a group of 1 to 10 persons. Homestays are available in the island for as low as P200 per person per night.

Explore the Best of Antique

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    The sight of pitcher plants in the rolling hills amazed me too as it was just really unexpected. Oh, this makes me wanna go back!

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  3. This is a lovely intro to Marasion Island. What a fab legend about the origin of the island.

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