Daranak Falls of Tanay Rizal

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The nearby province of Rizal in eastern Metro Manila is fast becoming a popular destination for day trippers and nature lovers. This because the province is home to amazing natural wonders including some of the country’s beautiful and easily accessible waterfalls.

The 14-meter high waterfalls that cascades into a deep natural pool

In the town of Tanay alone, there are numerous waterfalls perched on the mountainside of Sierra Madre Mountain Range such as Daranak Falls in Barangay Tandang Kutyo.

Sitting in a government-owned land, Daranak Falls’ main attraction is the 14-meter high waterfalls cascading into a deep catch basin that serves as its natural pool. This is aside from other smaller waterfalls situated in the area including the one across with cold and strong water freely flowing through the boulders into the same catch basin, perfect for a natural water massage.

A smaller waterfalls that cascades through boulders, perfect for natural water massage

Daranak Falls is also popular for rock balancing! Be amazed with the incredible rocks that are perfectly balanced on top of one another in various positions. Daranak hosts various competitions for this art annually.

More than a hobby, rock balancing is art for some

Due to its popularity and accessibility, Daranak Falls usually becomes crowded specially during weekends and holidays so the best time to go there is on early morning or during weekdays. It is open daily from 8AM to 5PM with entrance fee of P20 for adult and P15 for kid, picnic shed can be rented at P300 while picnic table is at P150. Overnight camping or accommodation is not allowed.

An ideal day trip from Metropolis!

How to Go to Daranak Falls

Take a jeep or van at Star Mall EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard. Get off at Tanay Market in Barangay Sampaloc and transfer to a tricycle to take you to Daranak Falls. Travel time is around two to three hours.

Alternatively, you can also take a Cogeo bound jeep in Mercury Drug Aurora Boulevard Cubao. Get off at Cogeo Market and transfer to another jeepney going to Tanay Market in Barangay Sampaloc. At Tanay Market, flag a tricycle to take you to Daranak Falls. Travel time is at least three hours.

There are also van and jeepneys to Tanay from Siniloan Laguna, Cainta, Taytay, Antipolo, Pililia and other neighboring towns.

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  1. We went here with my board mates when this was featured in Jessica Soho Reports sometime along ago. What’s so funny was we forgot if it was Tanay or Taytay. One of our board mates said he is certain it was Taytay. We dropped of from a bus in Taytay and asked where Daranak falls is. One local brought us to a water palls? hahah He thought we are looking for a water pool (or swimming pool). But we succeeded in reaching Daranak Falls and I love the place.

    1. Welcome back to Tanay. You may also visit Calinawan Cave, Regina Rica, Tinipak Rock Formation and Daraitan River in Tanay, home of adventure and nature experience (HANE).

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