The Other Side of Palaui: Offbeat Beauty and Mystery

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It was by accident that we stumbled upon this place, the side of Palaui Island where very few non-locals go. A place dotted with unnamed coves, unspoiled beaches and beautiful rock formations, all in the backdrop of the roaring waves and constantly serenaded with the howling wind and the songs of the sea.

Palaui is an island made up of volcanic rocks and surrounded by white sandy beaches located on the north-easternmost point of mainland Luzon. Declared as a National Marine Reserve, it is home to a fishing community with the 18th century lighthouse built by the Spaniards, Farol de Cabo Engaño, as its main attraction.

Few years back, when the island was still Greek to most, Gael and I ventured into the place in search for the old lighthouse. Unguided but armed with strong determination, we trekked on our own but got lost in the woods, trapped by the big waves, climbed the rocks, followed the goats, made our own trails, raced with time and came up with bloody wounds all over our bodies. With only a liter of drinking water, a pack of loaf and two packs of chips, we made our adventure of our lifetime finding Cape Engaño Lighthouse on a ten hour journey that made us appreciate more than the usual beauty of the island.

We didn’t reach the lighthouse. But we saw the different side of Palaui Island. Let me take you there through this slideshow.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I am now in the cold Europe and I dream to spend some time on this amazing tropical beach :).

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