Slideshow: The Golden Island of Jomalig

Jomalig Island

Quezon Province
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It was in 2008 when I first visited Jomalig Island and yet her golden soil still haunts me as if it was just yesterday. Six long years and counting yet the memories are still fresh and vivid as her scenery.

Fronting the roaring water of the Philippine Sea is the farthermost island of  Polilio Group in Quezon Province, Jomalig is an island town enveloped by quaintness and simplicity. This is not your typical tropical island getaway, it is a place carefully built by nature and time, nurtured by its seclusion, and taken good care by its people. It is laid back, peaceful, scarcely untouched by urbanization and almost unheard but uniquely beautiful.

To make up for all the longings, here is a slideshow of my golden paradise. I hope this would fill the gap the separates me to her.

For more information about Jomalig Island, check out Lakwatsero’s Jomalig Travel Guide.


  1. Delfin de Luna

    Hi! I’m a surfer based in manila…Just wanted to ask if you spotted big waves while you were in Jomalig 🙂 Wanted to go there for the longest time haha…thanks!

  2. Maddzter

    Nice Beaches! White sand as far as the can see 🙂

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