Slideshow: Tawi-Tawi, the Southern Frontier


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Tawi-Tawi is the southernmost island province of the Philippines, secluded by its distance and isolated by its tainted image. Composed of 107 islands and islets scattered over Sulu Archipelago and Sulu Sea, the province is closer to Malaysia than the nearest Philippine city of Zamboanga.

Tawi-Tawi may be clouded by the hazy tourism outlook of the province but unknown to many, it harbors interesting tourists attractions that will definitely interest nature lovers and history buffs. A promising tourist destination, a rewarding treat for brave souls.

Trek Bud Bungao, visit the oldest mosque in Simunul, hop from island to island, enjoy its white sand beaches, dive its vivid underwater world, experience their unique culture and cuisines, discover the province’s manyfold of surprises. Explore, experience, enjoy Tawi-Tawi!