Biliran Itinerary: Beach Bumming in Sambawan Island and Waterfall Chasing in Biliran


Bring with you your love for the tropical island life and your undying sense of adventure and make your way to the island province of Biliran, one of the pride of Eastern Visayas.

With numerous islands and islets that make up the province, Biliran boasts of pristine white sand islands and beaches that lie on its vivid and bountiful water, as well as beautiful rice terraces and waterfalls that are tucked on its mountainous and volcanic terrains. It used to be under the jurisdiction of the Province of Leyte until it was separated in 1992 to form an independent local government composed of eight municipalities.

Sambawan Island
The other side of Sambawan Island

The province is composed of two major islands – Biliran and Maripipi – both are made up of potentially active volcanoes, smaller islands and islets surround the two including the famed Sambawan Island.

Biliran is among the smallest provinces in the country, fourth smallest to be exact, and yet it is overflowing with natural wonders. Explore and experience what the province has to offer, check out my three days and two nights itinerary, trip expenses and other tips to help you plan your trip.

Ulan-Ulan Falls
The towering Ulan-Ulan Falls of Almeria, Biliran


Day 1: The Long Road to Sambawan Island

0530H – 0700H: Arrival in Tacloban / Proceed to Downtown / Breakfast
0700H – 0930H: Tacloban to Naval by van
0930H – 1100H: Arrival in Naval / Buy boat ticket / Early lunch / Shop for supplies
1100H – 1300H: Boat departure from Naval to Maripipi
1300H – 1400H: Arrival in Maripipi Island / Proceed to Barangay Olog by motorbike
1400H – 1500H: Departure from Barangay Olog to Sambawan Island
1500H – 1900H: Arrival in Sambawan Island / Free time / Explore the island / Prepare dinner
1900H onwards: Dinner / Socials

Sambawan Island
Before sunrise in Sambawan Island

Day 2: Chasing Waterfalls in Biliran Island

0530H – 0630H: Call time / Sunrise / Breakfast
0630H – 0730H: Departure from Sambawan to Kawayan
0730H – 0900H: Arrival in Kawayan / Proceed at Naval for Breakfast
0900H – 1730H: Biliran Island Tour: Pundol Falls, Iyusan Rice Terraces, Ulan-Ulan Falls, Recoletos Falls, Kinaraha Falls, Sampao Rice Terraces, Tinago Falls
1730H – 1900H: End of Tour / Check-in at El Romane Pensionne in Naval
1900H onwards: Dinner at Jelo’s Place / Socials

Biliran Rice Terraces
The rice terraces in the village of Iyosan

Day 3: Sidetrip to Tacloban

0600H – 0700H: Call time / Breakfast
0700H – 0910H: Naval to Tacloban by van
0910H – 0930H: Arrival in Palo / Sidetrip in Mac Arthur Memorial
0930H – 1000H: Palo to Downtown by Jeep
1000H – 1045H: Downtown to Basey (San Juanico Bridge)
1045H – 1145H: Arrival at San Juanico Bridge (Sta. Rita, Samar) / Cross to Leyte
1145H – 1215H: San Juanico Bridge to Downtown by jeep
1215H – 1315H: Lunch at Chew Love Tacloban
1315H – 1415H: Dessert and coffee at Libro Cafe
1415H – 1500H: Proceed to Tacloban Airport
1500H – 1700H: Arrival in Tacloban Airport / Check-in / Pre-departure
1700H: Tacloban to Manila flight

Tinago Falls of Biliran
Tinago Falls of Barangay Cabibihan, Municipality of Caibiran, Province of Biliran

How to Get to Biliran Island

Get to Tacloban City, the jump off point to the island province of Biliran.

Philippine Airlines, Air Asia and Cebu Pacific fly from Manila and Cebu to Tacloban City. Those coming from Cebu may also opt to ride the fastcraft to Ormoc City or Palompon and transfer to a van going to Tacloban City.

From Tacloban City, catch a van to Naval (P120 / 2.5 hours travel) at Van Van or Dup Tours Terminal in the downtown or in Tacloban Grand Terminal. You may also opt to take a local bus that departs from Tacloban Grand Terminal.

You can book your seat from Tacloban City to Naval, Biliran and vice versa below:



P50 – Jeepney Fare (Airport to Downtown Tacloban)
P120 – Van Fare (Tacloban to Naval)
P70 – Boat Fare (Naval to Maripipi – P60 fare + P10 terminal fee)
P30 – Habal-habal to Olog
P75 – Boat contribution one-way from Olog, Maripipi to Sambawan (P300 one-way or P500 two-way)
P100 – Entrance Fee at Sambawan Island
P130 – Cottage and mooring fee contribution (P500 for open air cottage, P20 for boat mooring)
P250 – Private boat share from Sambawan to Kawayan (P1000 per boat)
P500 – Share for Island Tour (P700 for motorbike and driver + P300 gas)
P20 – Entrance at Tinago Falls
P225 – Share for accommodation at El Romane Pensionne (P700 aircon + 200 extra 2)
P120 – Van to Tacloban
P9 – Jeep to Downtown
P20 – Jeep to San Juanico Bridge
P13 – Jeep to Downtown
P13 – Jeep to Airport
P150 – Terminal Fee in Tacloban Aiport
P1110 – Food expenses
P500 – Miscellaneous and personal expenses
Approximately P3,500 – Budget for 3D/2N in Sambawan, Biliran and Tacloban (airfare excluded)

San Juanico Bridge
San Juanico Bridge


  • Best time to visit Biliran Island is during dry months or summer, preferably from late March to early June.
  • Major commercial banks as well as rural banks have ATMs in Naval.
  • Mobile signals of all networks are present in Biliran, Maripipi and Sambawan, although 3G and LTE are choppy at times.
  • Tacloban to Naval: There are vans (Dup Tours and Van Van) and buses going to Naval, Biliran. Van fare is P120 per person, travel time is two (2) hours with earliest trip at 4AM and last trip at 5PM.
  • Naval to Tacloban: There are vans (Dup Tours and Van Van) and buses going to Tacloban City. Van fare is P120 per person, travel time is two (2) hours with earliest trip at 4AM and last trip at 5PM.
  • Naval to Maripipi: Three boat departures from Monday to Saturday (no trip on Sunday). Earliest departure is at 10AM and last departure is at 11AM. Travel time is two (2) hours, fare is P60 per person.
  • Maripipi to Naval: Three boat departures from Monday to Saturday (no trip on Sunday). Earliest departure is at 4AM and last departure is at 5AM. Travel time is two (2) hours, fare is P60 per person.
  • Private boat from Naval to Maripipi (and vice versa) can be rented for as low as P1,000 one way for a boat that can fit six passengers. Contact Ate Cynthia Requiero at +639185166075.
  • Entrance Fee at Sambawan Island is P100 per person, boat mooring fee is P20 per boat.
  • Open air cottage in Sambawan Island is P500 per night while closed cottage is P2500 per night good for five person.
  • No electricity in Sambawan Island but you can charge your gadgets with their battery for a small fee.
  • Shop for your food and supplies in Naval.
  • Sambawan Dive Camp and Beach Resort offers scuba diving services in Sambawan Island. For Inquiry, contact Nestor at +639189102141 or Jessie at +639264104866, or email at [email protected] / [email protected].
  • Motorbike rental (with driver) at Biliran Island is P700 per motorbike + P300 for the gas on daily basis. Two passengers can fit a motorbike. Contact Roland at +639073283676.
  • Where to eat in Naval: Jelo’s Place is a date place! 🙂
  • Where to stay in Naval: El Romane Pensionne, TJ Pensionne, Brigida Tourist Inn, Chamorita Inn, Biliran Garden Resort.

*Originally Published: 01-Jul-2016 | Updates: 11-Jul-2019; 19-Apr-2020



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