Cinnamon Island Bucas Grande

On the other side of the surfing haven Siargao lies the town of Socorro in Surigao del Norte, home to the Bucas Grande Islands also known as the Sohoton National Park.

The group of islands is blessed with numerous caves, some still undiscovered, white sand beaches, waterfalls, mangroves, iron woods, inland lakes, vast fishing grounds, and wonderful corals that are ideal for snorkeling.

Bucas Grande (Sohoton Cove) is a group of islands and islets in Socorro, Surigao del Norte declared as a National Park due to its natural attractions and cultural heritage which include white sand beaches, limestone islets and cliffs, hidden coves, waterfalls, mangroves, inland lakes and colorful underwater scenery. But apart from these, the group of islands also offers spelunking on two of its caves that meet on the same opening – the Crystal and Bolitas Caves.

Inside Bolitas Cave

Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave is an open-ended cave. The name was derived due to its shining stalactites, stalagmites, columns and formations that seem to be dotted with crystals. With its big chamber and pathway, it  is definitely an easy trek.

A shining column inside Crystal Cave
Stalactites forming columns

Bolitas Cave

This close-ended cave is named as Bolitas, a Filipino term for pellets, due to abundance of small pellet-like stones inside. This rounded stones are droplets from tiny stalactites and believed to be formed thousand years ago.

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