Jomalig: Quaint and Charming

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The golden sand of Jomalig Island

Fronting the vast water of the Philippine Sea is the farthermost island of  Polilio Group in Quezon Province, a town enveloped by quaintness and simplicity – Jomalig. An island municipality surrounded by unique golden shores of bead-like sand and turquoise water that is rich in marine life, where most locals get their livelihood.

Strange as it sounds, the town’s name is pronounced as “humalig“, from the Tagalog word “humalik” or “kissed”. Its name was derived from a local folktale, said to be the only love story legend in Quezon Province.

The tale is about a young man from a neighboring island who courted the daughter of the town’s chieftain. The chieftain challenged the young man about fishing, but the young man lost in the end. As a consolation, he asked for a kiss from the chieftain’s daughter. The girl who pitied the young man, gave her precious kiss in front of the town people who were shocked. They shouted “humalik! humalik!” (She kissed! She kissed!), and from then on, the island was named Humalik, which later on became Humalig and spelled by the Americans in their English alphabet as Jomalig.

Jomaligins are what the locals of the island call themselves. They are migrants from the island of Samar and provinces in Bicol Region, resulting to naturally lovely people of diverse culture, traditions, beliefs and personalities.

Jomalig is six hours by boat on a rough sea from the port of Real or Atimonan, 

its remoteness is a turn off for most, but for brave souls, Jomalig is a promise of serenity and beauty. This is not your typical tropical island, it is a place carefully built by nature and time, and taken good care by its  people – laid back, peaceful, scarcely untouched by urbanization and almost unheard but uniquely beautiful.

Time passes unnoticed in the island of Jomalig, a place which perhaps, will forever be a quaint town due to its isolation, but its quaintness is its charm that entices every soul who experienced the island to return to its golden soil.

This is in response to the Quaint Place in the Philippines theme of Pinoy Travel Blog Carnival. For information on Jomalig Island, please visit Lakwatsero’s Jomalig Travel Guide.

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