Beguet: Colorado Falls of Tuba

Colorado Falls

One of the spots near Baguio City that tourists usually bypass is the Colorado Falls of Twin Peaks, Tuba, Benguet. It is one of the four waterfalls in the town, the others include Canyon Falls in Camp 3, Bridal Veil Falls in Camp 4 and Hydro Falls in Camp 6.

Colorado Falls
Colorado Falls and natural pool of Tuba, Benguet

Located some 30 kilometers from the City of Pines and just a short walk from Kennon Road, Colorado Falls has been a favorite spot for locals for its cold water that cascades into a deep natural pool, providing a refreshing relief specially on hot summer days. The pool which is said to be at least 10-feet deep seems like a playground of locals so don’t be surprised if you see kids climbing the wall of the falls and jumping off the pool.

Colorado Falls
Kids taking a break from jumping off the falls’ wall

The waterfalls is just a short walk from the main road. There are basic facilities in the area such as cottages, shower and changing rooms. The best of it all, there is no entrance fee! There is also an old burial site near the waterfalls that you might want to check out.

So next time you pass by Kennon Road, check out and freshen up at Colorado Falls, one of the natural attractions of Tuba, Benguet.


  1. Duncan

    Colorado Falls had been closed for at least a year. I was there September 25, 2015. I went just a little ways and the cement path was grown over. I tried the little dirt path that went up the hill but when I look down at the 3 meter drop I turned back. The saw two 11 year old boys coming up the path as I turned to leave. They were going up to the falls and I said I would try to follow them. It was very dangerous in 3 places where there was a 2-4 meter drop where one could break bones or get killed. Swam below the falls for 20 minutes before turning back at 4:30 since it would be dark at 6:00. On the way out saw the NO TRESPASS sign. Missed it on the way in watching my step and looking down at the river. Store near the entrance told me that Colorado Falls was closed because too many people getting hurt. Your picture is of another falls. Colorado Falls is 3 times higher than your picture.

  2. craig neilson

    What jeepney do you take from Baguio to get there!

  3. This is interesting. The next time I set foot on Baguio, I will consider going to these non-usual sites. 🙂

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