The Wave of Utah and Arizona: Where “Amazing” is Understatement

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The Wave
Early Start
We arrived in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument early morning and started the trek to The Wave before the harshness of the sun.
The Wave
Arriving at The Wave too early so we thought of exploring farther first since the best lighting is at mid-day to near sunset.
Top Rock Arch
One of if not the highest point in Coyote Buttes North.
The Teepee
The Teepee's as seen fromMelody Arch area.
To the South
I'm not sure what part of Coyote Buttes North is this but I am sure this is south.
To the South
The beautiful sandstone trail going to the south.
Down the Sandstone
We went down the sandstone going back to explore different trails.
Sand Cove
We ended up in the Sand Cove.
Second Wave
The area around the Second Wave
The Wave
A little peak at the Wave
The Wavs
Meet my guide - Richard McIver
The Wave
The classic shot!
The Wave
The pool of The Wave.

I never realized how lucky I was to have visited The Wave until my guide made me realized it.


There is no easy and cheap way of going to The Wave. Only 20 guests are permitted daily in the area, guide excluded. Permits can only be obtained by lottery. Ten slots are given from out of thousands online applicants and another 10 at the park’s office for walk-ins that are usually participated by hundreds. I wasn’t really lucky on lottery but on the day that I needed to be, I was! So I got a slot online for my intended date of visit.

The next concern is the logistics of going there. One can either join a tour of an accredited agency (minimum is guests for the tour); or get your own vehicle, drive to the trailhead and do it on your own. There is no cheap way specially if you are alone.

Thankfully, I met a local accredited guide who was willing to explore the area out of his company’s standard rates. He made a day off, we used his own car and we explored the area together. It made the cost tolerable for a solo budget backpacker in me.

We were in awe with the sheer beauty of the place. The various rock formations and vivid striations, the dramatically changing landscape and everything around us. Ahhhh! I kept asking myself, “how on earth were these formed?”

Let me take you there with this post.

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