Snapshot: The Idyllic Bonbon Beach of Romblon

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Bonbon Beach
Barangay Lonos, Romblon, Romblon

The Province of Romblon, being a cluster of 20 islands and islets, is home to some of the country’s pristine beaches. But despite the beauty of its beaches, the place is still generally off the tourists radar, the beaches are uncrowded and unspoiled.

One of the province’s pride is Bonbon Beach in Barangay Lonos, just five kilometers from the downtown. It is a privately owned white sandy beach on a gradually sloping seafront that stretches up to approximately two kilometers sandbar linked to Ban-Og Island. The sandbar submerges significantly during high tide.

It is a bare beach – no resort nor other commercial amenities. Just pure sand, turquoise water, fantastic view of the Tablas Island, beautiful sunset and the typical rural beach life. A perfect place to unwind, relax and appreciate the beauty of the tropical paradise that is Romblon.

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