Dasol, Pangasinan: Travel Guide, How to Get There, Where to Stay, Itinerary & More

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Dasol harbors some of the beast beaches in Pangasinan. With its cream fine sand and bountiful sea harvest, the waters off the coast of this town of Pangasinan is starting to hit big to beach lovers and sun worshipers.

Dasol may be inferior in tourism compared to the other towns of Pangasinan. But truth be told, Pangasinan is not only about the Hundred Islands in Alaminos or the beautiful beaches in Bolinao and Anda, all in the mouth of Lingayen Gulf. Dasol’s beautiful beaches, scenic coastline and picturesque spots, though lesser known, are equally enchanting as the others.

Colibra Island
The main beach of Colibra Island.

Formerly an integral part of the town of San Isidro de Putot in the province of Zambales, Dasol is a now a quiet town of Pangasinan known for salt making. Dasol Bay covers its entire coast which is blessed with white sandy beaches on the northern shore and a lovely view of sunset. Off the coast are tiny islands and islets that are perfect for an amazing island getaway.

Dasol is a promise of new Pangasinan experience, a place away from the usual crowd but holds surprises for a not so popular tourist destination. Truly a worthy escape, have fun and get a tan in Dasol.

After sunset sky in Dasol Bay.

How to Get to Dasol

The best and easiest way of going there is via the night air-conditioned bus of Victory Liner in Cubao bound to Sta. Cruz, Zambales via Alaminos that passes directly to the town of Burgos and Dasol. Trips are limited though.

Another option is to catch a bus going to Alaminos City. Victory Liner, Dagupan Bus, Five Star Bus and Philippine Rabbit have multiple trips daily to Alaminos City. Aircon bus fare as of June 2010 is approximately P350.00 one-way Manila to Alaminos, while ordinary (non-aircon) bus fare is around P250.

From Alaminos City, transfer to another local bus bound to Sta. Cruz in Zambales. Buses leave Alaminos terminal of Victory Liner every 30 minutes. Dasol is less than an hour ride, fare for is not more than P50.

Where to Stay in Dasol

Shade scarce Culebra Island off Barangay Tambobong.

The best way to experience dasol is to pitch a tent on the beaches of Barangay Tambobong and Osmeña or in the small island of Culebra off the coast of Barangay Tambobong. But if camping is not your cup of tea, you may stay in these resorts  in Tambobong and Osmeña.

Osmeña Area

Matabang Beach Resort
Contact Person: Heyse Pineda
Email: heyse.pineda@gmail.com
Address: Bgy. Osmeña, Dasol, Pangasinan 2411
Mobile: +639052455425/+639289377701

Tambobong Area

Tambobong Beach Resort
Address: Bgy. Tambobong, Dasol, Pangasinan 2411
Mobile: +639205059007

Pantalan Beach Resort
Mobile: +639227154685/+639236685401/+6309075183062

Cabongaoan Tidal Pools

What to do in Dasol

  • Island and beach hopping in Culebra Island, Polo Camaso Islet, Crocodile Island, Lagaratas Island, Paratec Beach, Pao Beach, Balinmanok Beach and other beaches and islands nearby
  • Beach bumming in the beaches of Tambobong, Osmeña and Macalang
  • Swim in the Cabongaoan Tidal Pools or Burgos
  • Diving/Snorkeling (bring your own equipments and gears)
  • Camping
  • Trek to Salabusuban Falls
  • Caving in Rongaab Cave
  • Kayaking and other water sports
  • Sunset/Sunrise watching
  • Visit the beaches of the neighboring towns – Bolinao and Anda
  • See the Old Spanish Lighthouse of Bolinao
  • Explore the Hundred Islands in Alaminos
  • Drop by at Our Lady of Manaoag Church considered by Catholic as a miraculous church
Crocodile Island

Sample Itinerary (Cabongaoan-Tambobong-Colibra Weekend)
Budget: Less than P2,000 per person (group of two to three persons)

Day 1:
0000H: Departure (Cubao to Alaminos)
0400H : Arrival in Alaminos
0430H: Alaminos to Burgos
0500H: Arrival in Burgos Market/Breakfast/Shop for supplies/food
0600H – 0630H: Burgos to Cabongaoan Beach
0630H – 1100H: Explore Cabongaoan Beach and Cabongaoan Tidal Pools aka Death Pools
1100H – 1130H: Travel from Cabongaoan to Tambobong
1130H – 1300H: Check-in / Rest / Lunch
1300H – 1330: Boat to Colibra Island
1330H – 1800H: Explore Colibra: beach bumming, photo ops, swimming, snorkeling, sunset watching, island walk
1800H – 1830H: Return to Tambobong
1830H onwards: Dinner / Socials / Lights off

Day 2:
0600H – 0700H: Call Time, Breakfast
0700H – 1000H: Free time in Tambobong Beach; option to explore Crocodile Island, Lagaratas Island, Paratec Beach, Pao Beach, Balinmanok Beach and other coves and beaches of Dasol and/or Burgos
1000H – 1200H: Wash-up/Fix-up/Rest/Check-out
1230H – 1230H: Tambobong to Highway
1230H – 1330H: Burgos to Alaminos
1330H – 1500H: Lunch/Proceed to Bus Station
1500H – 2100H: Alaminos to Manila


  • The best time to go here is from November to May or during dry months
  • The ideal time to leave Manila is at midnight to reach Dasol early in the morning
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      1. Hi. What’s more travel worthy: DASOL or BULALACAO? We are planning to visit one of them this year. We are looking for a beach with fine white sand…much like Calaguas. Which of the two offers a better beach bumming experience? Help us pick one! Your opinion on this is of great value. 🙂

  1. hi we were in dasol last jan 2012 coming from dagupan city using private van and the roads going therein from burgos town to dasol beach is about 50% realy realy bad or even worst..is the road from burgos town ok na ba at this time..if you take the other route from dasol town to dasol beach we were told that the road is even worst compared to burgos town to dasol beach..surely this is so far the best beach in pangasinan..our friend from hawaii told us dasol beach is even better than beaches in hawaii.. btw if the road has not improve i advice dont use your private car.. better yet hire a PUJ from burgos market to take you to dasol beach..if they are willing to take you there.. but we saw many motorized tricycle on the road going to/from dasol

    1. I have been to Dasol too. Although parts of the road lines leading to the beaches were unpaved, the thoroughfare or the main roads were good. The dirt roads we passed through to get to the beach were not that long and merely forms part of the excitement and adventure. The trip, at any rate, was worth it.

  2. Hi! i love your blog because of the details on how to get there, and the costs. Putting more pictures (your own) will be more fun though! :))

  3. I envy how you travel from different places here in the Philippines,, The pictures are so amazing, I can’t imagine it all I must see it myself ahaha I hope to travel in these places soon! 😉

  4. Hi there! do really wanna send my warmest appreciation to you Lakwatsero. I didn’t know this place yet I muddle through being in Dasol just because of your blog. ’tis one of the must-see spots not only to spend vacation but to reflect everything and experience the naive view of Pangasinan. I never thought I could love a place as such. I won’t hesitate to visit there again. Thanks. Hoping you still keep on sharing your exciting adventures. 🙂

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