Bantayan Island Travel Guide: Northern Cebu’s Slice of Paradise


Welcome to Bantayan

The northern tip of Cebu is endowed with rich waters and dotted with beautiful islands with white sand beaches, Bantayan Island is one.

Bantayan Island is made up of three municipalities of the province of Cebu – Bantayan, Madridejos and Santa Fe. The municipality of Bantayan takes the western and central areas known for its picturesque sunset and centuries old church. Madridejos is a fishing village and known for its rich history. While Santa Fe boasts of its beautiful sunrise its wide stretch of fine white sandy beaches.

Bantayan Island
Kota Beach aka Camp Sawi.

There is no easy way of getting to here, but the journey to this slice of paradise will be rewarded by the charm of this tropical island. Bask in the sun, feel the sand and enjoy the sea of the paradise that is Bantayan Island!

How to Get to Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island has its own airfield that connects the island to Mactan Cebu International Airport. Currently, only Air Juan operates chartered and scheduled flights to the island.

Most tourists come here via Cebu City, where one can take a bus to Hagnaya Port from North Bus Terminal and a ferry to Bantayan Island. Alternatively, if you are coming from Masbate or Palompon (Leyte), you can ride a ferry to Bogo City, transfer to a bus to Hagnaya Port and to a ferry to Bantayan Island

1. Proceed to Hagnaya Port in Daanbantayan

Bantayan Island
Kids at play.
  • Cebu City to Hagnaya Port

Cebu City is the gateway to Bantayan Island. From Cebu City, catch a bus in Cebu North Terminal going to Hagnaya Port in the town of San Remigio. Travel time is three hours and fare is P165 for aircon bus (as of August 2018) and P140 for non-aircon bus (as of August 2018). There’s a bus that leave Cebu City as early as 4AM, with the last trip at around 5PM daily.

  • Palompon (Leyte) to Bogo City to Hagnaya Port

If you are coming from Leyte, there are ferries from Palompon to Bogo City. Full fare is P260, travel time is 2.5 hours. There are also buses from San Ildefonso and Tacloban City to Bogo City that ross Camotes Sea via Ro-Ro barges in Palompon to Bogo.

From Bogo, Hagnaya Port is less than an hour ride by bus or jeep, fare is around P50.

  • Masbate to Bogo City to Hagnaya Port

There are ferries from Masbate City to Bogo City. Full fare is P470, travel time is 5.5 hours.

From Bogo, Hagnaya Port is less than an hour ride by bus or jeep, fare is around P50.

2. Hagnaya Port to Bantayan Island

In Hagnaya Port, catch a public ferry to Sta. Fe. The ferry ride is approximately one hour for P180 (as of August 2018). Ferry departs Hagnaya Port to Sta. Fe as early as 7AM with the last trip at around 5PM daily

You can book your ferry tickets from Hagnaya Port to Bantayan Island and vice versa below.

Bantayan Island
Ogtong Cave Pool.

Going Around and Away

Tricycle and motorbikes are the main mode of transportation around the island, minimum fare is P10. There are also jeepneys and multicabs that go from Sta. Fe to Bantayan and vice versa but the trips are limited. Motorbikes (P350/day) and bicycles (P150/day) are also available for rent in most resorts/hotels.

Going out of Bantayan Island, catch a ferry from Sta. Fe Port to Hagnaya. The earliest trip is at 6AM and the last is at 4:30PM daily. Fare is P180 (as of February 2014) and travel time is approximately one hour.

*Please note that the schedule mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice

Bantayan Island
Saints Peter and Paul Parish of Bantayan.

Where to Stay in Bantayan Island

Most tourists stay in the beach area of Santa Fe where accommodation ranges from as low as P500.00 for a single fan room to by the thousands for fancy air-conditioned room on high end resorts.

Bantayan Island
Ogtong Cave Resort.

For budget travelers, Kota Beach Resort, Althea White Beach Resort, Casa Isabel and Mayet’s Nordic Inn have budget fan and air-conditioned rooms for as low as P600 per night, both are strategically located along Sta. Fe Beach. Meanwhile Ogtong Cave Resort, Santa Fe Beach Club, Maia’s Beach Resort and Yooneek Beach Resort have facilities for high end tourists.

Top-Rated Budget Accommodations in Bantayan Island

Althea White Beach Resort

Althea White Beach Resort
Santa Fe, Bantayan Island
Starts at 600 PHP

Casa Isabel

Casa Isabel
Santa Fe, Bantayan Island
Starts at 650 PHP

Nordic Inn

Nordic Inn
Santa Fe, Bantayan Island
Starts at 700 PHP

Kota Beach Resort

Kota Beach Resort (Camp Sawi)
Santa Fe, Bantayan Island
Starts at 650 PHP

Top-Rated Hotels in Bantayan Island

Ogtong Cave Resort

Ogtong Cave Resort
Santa Fe, Bantayan Island
Starts at 2,000 PHP

Maia's Beach Resort

Maia’s Beach Resort
Santa Fe, Bantayan Island
Starts at 1,700 PHP

List of Resorts in Bantayan

Kota Beach Resort
Sugar Beach, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +63-32-4165013 [Cebu City Office] / +63-32-4389042 [Santa Fe]
Email: [email protected]

Mayet’s Resort
Sugar Beach, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +639173107791 / +639063093166 / +639154320633
Email: [email protected]

CouCou Lodge (Non-beachfront)
Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +63-32-4389385 / +63918-4541960

Budyong Beach Resort
Sugar Beach, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +63-32-4385700

Sta. Fe Beach Club
Alice Beach, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +63-32-4389090 / +63-32-4389107 / +63918-9199101 / +63928-7787770
Email: [email protected]

Ogtong Cave Resort by Sta. Fe Beach Club
Sugar Beach, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +6332-4380165 / +6332-4389129 / +63920-8999456
Email: [email protected]

Yooneek Inn (Non-beachfront)
Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +63-32-4389124 / +63917-9993829
Email: [email protected]

Yooneek Beach Resort
Sugar Beach, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +63-32-4389124 / +63917-9993829
Email: [email protected]

Maia’s Beach Resort (Non-beachfront)
Basawon, Sulangan, Bantayan
Contact No: +63918-5714297 / +63917-6358612
Email: [email protected]

St. Bernard Resort
Alice Beach, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +63917-9636162
Email: [email protected]

Anika Island Resort
Alice Beach, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +63917-3284898 / +63922-8439517 / +63999-8864465 / +63-32-3188402

Email: [email protected]

White Beach Bungalows
Maricaban Beach, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +63946-1146510

Email: [email protected]

Heather and Aspen Inn (Non-beachfront)
Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island
Contact No: +63946-5686646 / +63923-5043554 / +63922-8311552

Email: [email protected]

Bantayan Island
Alice Beach.

Activities in Bantayan Island

  • Enjoy the beaches of  Santa Fe: Alice Beach (fronting east), Kota Beach or Camp Sawi (fronting south), Maricaban Beach and Paradise Beach
  • Go scuba diving, free diving or snorkeling (no dive shop yet in Bantayan)
  • Try sky diving or kite surfing
  • Drop by at Dalton Pass Shrine
  • Ride a boat to Virgin Island/Silion Island and Hilantagaan/Cabulauan Island
  • Swim in the cold water of Ogtong Cave Pool
  • Go biking around the island
  • See the Kota Ruins in Kota Park, Baywalk and the fishing village of Madridejos
  • Check out the centuries old Sts. Peter and Paul Church of Bantayan
  • See the heritage houses and establishments in Bantayan
  • Spend a day or two in Malapascua Island
Bantayan Island
Sunset in Sugar Beach.

Sample Bantayan Island Itinerary

Bantayan Island – Cebu City Itinerary
Budget: Less than P4,000 per person (group of four persons excluding airfare)

Day 1:
0600H: Arrival in Cebu City / Proceed to Cebu North Bus Terminal
0700H: Arrival in Cebu North Bus Terminal / Breakfast
0730H – 1130H: Bus: Cebu City to Hagnaya Port
1130H – 1200H: Snacks / Purchase ferry ticket to Santa Fe
1200H – 1300H: Ferry: Hagnaya Port to Santa Fe
1300H – 1400H: Arrival in Santa Fe / Register / Proceed to Hotel / Late Lunch
1400H – 1800H: Rent a bike or charter a tricycle to visit Alice Beach, Kota Beach, Maricaban Beach, Paradise Beach, Ogtong Cave, Kota Park, Kota Ruins, Saints Peter and Paul Parish, etc.
1800H onwards: Free time / Rest / Dinner / Socials / Lights off

Day 2:
0530H – 0700H: Call Time / Sunrise / Breakfast
0700H – 1100H: Island hopping: Virgin Island and Hilantagaan Island
1100H – 1200H: Back at to hotel / wash-up / pack-up / check-out
1200H – 1300H: Lunch / Proceed to Port
1300H – 1430H: Ferry: Santa Fe to Hagnaya Port
1430H – 1500H: Snacks / wait for Bus
1500H – 2000H: Hagnaya Port to Cebu City
2000H – 2030H: Proceed to Hotel / Check-in / Proceed to La Vie
2020H onwards: Dinner / Socials / Lights off

Day 3:
0700H – 0800H: Call Time / Breakfast
0800H – 1100H: Tour: Temple of Leah + Sirao
1100H – 1200H: Back at hotel / wash-up / pack-up / check-out
1200H – 1400H: Lunch at Casa Verde
1400H – 1500H: Proceed to Airport

Bantayan Island
The long stretch of fine white sand in Santa Fe.

Expenses / Logistics

Particulars Cost
Bus: Cebu to Hagnaya P165/person
Ferry: Hagnaya to Santa Fe P180/person
Registration Fee P30/person
Bike Rental P100/day
Tricycle Tour (Four to five hours) P700/trike (3-person sharing)
Boat Rental P700/night (4-person sharing)
Accommodation in Santa Fe P1,000/night (2-person sharing)
Budget for food for three days ~P1,000/person
Optional: Miscellaneous Expenses (souvenirs, personal expenses, etc.) ~P500/person
Ferry: Santa Fe to Hagnaya P180/person
Bus: Hagnaya Port to Cebu P165/person
Accommodation in Cebu  P1,000/night (2-person sharing)
Transportation expenses in and around Cebu City ~P500/person
Bantayan Island
Sunrise at Santa Fe.


  • Best months to visit are from January to June
  • Credit cards are accepted in some establishment
  • There are ATM machines and banks in Bantayan town
  • Globe, Talk and Text, Smart, Touch Mobile and Sun have mobile signals
  • Trike tour costs P700 for four (4) hours good for three (3) persons
  • Boat rate for Virgin Island and Hilantagaan Island starts at P700 per boat good for maximum of (4) persons

*First publication: March 24, 2012; Updated: September 28, 2017; October 17, 2018; February 18, 2020; Oct 20, 2021


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    1. hi if you planing to take a bus you should take business from north terminal. and it will drive you all the way to hagyan port . take boat and go to island. then take trri cycle and get of the beach there are alot of cheap beach resort. you can go arround and look. you will find a good deal

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