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Lussok Crystal Cave

So you have been to Cordillera and most likely seen its famed rice terraces, the mountain range, the waterfalls, the raging rivers, the beautiful caves, the indigenous culture and almost everything about the region. But have you explored Apayao and have you heard of interesting attractions the province offers?

Luna Apayao

Apayao is the northernmost province of Cordillera and perhaps the least explored of all the provinces of the region. It is an unpopular route for tourists, an off-beat destination for most. But unknown to many, it has fair share of natural attractions that will interest everyone.

Luna, the provincial capital and dubbed as the show window of the province is where one must start to get to know Apayao. With the municipality of Abulug of Cagayan Province on its northern boundary, its accessibility to lowland makes it an easy destination.

Luna Arch in the boundary of Abulug

Luna is blessed with hidden waterfalls, wondrous caves, clean rivers and other nature’s wonders that are all perched in this scenic countryside making Luna a promising eco-tourism destination.

Now, if you think you have seen everything about Cordillera, think again. Discover Luna, and experience a different Cordillera. Luna, your gateway to Apayao!

Bayugao Falls

How to Get to Luna

By Land from Manila

Take a Florida Bus Liner or RCJ Bus going to Junction Luna in Abulug, Cagayan. Their terminals are both located in Sampaloc Manila, travel time takes around 12 hours and fare ranges from P700-P750. At Junction Luna Terminal, transfer to a tricycle going to Luna Poblacion, approximately fifteen minute ride for P30 per person.

By Air via  Laoag

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific fly to Laoag daily from Manila, travel time is an hour. Meanwhile Sea Air flies Manila to Vigan, Ilocos Sur, only two hours away from Laoag. From Laoag International Airport, there are tricycles and public jeepneys that  can take you to the city proper where you can catch any bus or van going to Tuguegarao or direct to Junction Luna, travel time takes three to four hours. Get off at Junction Luna in Abulug and transfer to a tricycle going to Luna Poblacion, approximately fifteen minute ride for P30 per person.

From Tuguegarao

Philippine Airlines (PAL Express) and Cebu Pacific fly to Tuguegarao daily from Manila, travel time is an hour. From Tuguegarao Airport, flag a tricycle to take you to bus or van terminal going to Laoag or direct to Junction Luna, travel time is around three hours. Get off at Junction Luna in Abulug and transfer to a tricycle going to Luna Poblacion, approximately fifteen minute ride for P30 per person.

My room in Village Guesthouse for only P250

Where to Stay in Luna

Luna is a laid-back rural town, do not expect high end hotels. Tourists who wish to spend overnight in town can stay in local lodges for as low as P250.00 per person per night.

Village Guest House
Luna, Apayao
Contact Number: +639162144185 (Mircha Bermudez) / +639087366504 (Mila Baria)

Pensione Lavigna and Restaurant
San Isidro Sur, Luna, Apayao
Contact Number: +639302147027

Luna Apayao
The entrance of Lussok Crystal Cave

What to do in Luna

  • Check out Lussok Crystal Cave and Underground River
  • Go spelunking in Allabang Cave and Nalvo Cave
  • Trek to Dupag Rock Pinnacles
  • See Bayugao Falls and Cadaratan Falls
  • Visit Marag Valley
  • Trek to Mt. Macalino
  • Discover other hidden waterfalls and caves
  • See other attractions of Apayao in the neighboring towns of Pudtol, Calanasan, Flora, Conner and Kabugao
  • Head north to Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte or Claveria and Aparri in Cagayan
The narrow entrance to Allabang Cave


  • Landbank is the only commercial bank and ATM in Luna
  • Best to visit during dry months (December to May)
  • No establishment accepts credit cards and traveler’s cheque, bring cash
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  1. Thanks Sherwin, gonna ask your daily itinerary sana if di pa ako makulit hehe ^^ thanks for the info

  2. Hello. Im doing my architecture thesis about the tourism in Apayao and may i be allowed to use some of your pictures posted in this blog? Could i also be given other pictures? my pictures are not good e. hehhe you will be credited, o course. Thank you very much

  3. Hello Sir. I am doing my architecture thesis about the tourism in Apayao and I am in need of good photographs of the place. Could I be given pictures taken by you? You will be credited. thank you very much. 🙂

    1. Allow me to help you. I’ve been to Apayao twice and exploring Luna alone is impossible. this is due to scattered tourist destinations.

        1. i would prefer the barangay of Marag. nandun yung Dupar Rock Formation, a must-experience one. exciting kasi you have to go to narrow rock formations just to get to the top. and the view is indeed awesome. sa Marag may underground river, i haven’t had a chance to visit it though kasi after lunch na ako nakapunta. preferably, you visit marag ng early morning. nandun din yung marag memorial shrine and Cagandungan Hanging Bridge. If you finished the marag experience and have still plenty of time, pwede pa yata pumunta sa Bayugao Falls, eight kilometers from Luna Mun. Hall. di rin ako nakapunta due to time constraint.

          1. really know Apayao that much..thanks once again..really appreciated your help..
            One more thing, is there a bus going back to manila directly?

          2. yes, there is. RCJ and Florida buses have direct travel from Apayao to Manila. Pero kami sa Florida lagi e. di namin naabutan yung RCJ. yung terminal kasi ng Florida nasa Junction Luna, Apayao. every 5:30 pm ang biyahe nila pabalik.

          1. Hi din, Melanie .Yes, the travel is very safe. I was by myself during my second visit. All the people are very kind and nice. There are trained tour guides to accompany. Just don’t forget to drop by at the Capitol for further assistance 🙂 6k ang budget ko nun. That amount is good for two to three days. And depende rin sayo

  4. I always check out your travel reviews on destinations. The last one was Maragondon and Mount Buntis when I went
    to visit the Bonifacio Shrine and Trial House.

    If you have visited the Tirad Pass Shrine Market of Greogrio del Pilar, kindly advise on the travel route if the same
    is accessible by SUV.


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