Bucas Grande Travel Guide: Enchanting Islands of Sohoton

Bucas Grande

About Bucas Grande

On the other side of the surfing haven Siargao lies the town of Socorro in Surigao del Norte, home to the Bucas Grande Islands also known as the Sohoton Cove National Park.

The group of islands is blessed with numerous coves and caves, white sand beaches, mangroves forests, inland lakes, lagoons, vast fishing grounds, and vivid corals.

Magkukuob Cave
Magkukuob Cave

Be amazed with Sohoton Cove and Blue Lagoon – a maze-like lagoon consisting of limestone islets where the only way in or out is the cave entrance that vanishes during high tide. Another must see is the Tojoman or Jellyfish Lagoon, home to millions of non-stinging jellyfish.With its unique seascape and landscape,  the place promises everyone a truly unforgettable, enchanting and extraordinary experience in this part of Mindanao. Visit Bucas Grande and be enchanted with its natural beauty.

Tiktikan Lagoon
Tiktikan Lagoon

How to Get to Bucas Grande

From Surigao City

Surigao City, capital of Surigao del Norte is the main jump-off point to Bucas Grande Islands. Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have daily flights from Manila to Surigao City Airport while Cebu Pacific also has daily flight from Cebu.

From Surigao City, you can go directly to its port where motorized boats to Socorro dock and from Socorro hire another boat going to Bucas Grande. Alternatively, you may skip the main town of Socorro and head straight to Bucas Grande by catching a van (P120) or bus going to Claver, get off at the Hayanggabon Port and transfer to a boat going to Bucas Grande.

From Butuan

If you are coming from Butuan, catch a bus to Surigao City and get of at Bad-as junction, travel time is two hours and fare ranges from P160 to P196 one-way. From Bad-as junction, transfer to a van (P90) or bus going to Claver and get off at the Hayanggabon Port, then catch a boat going to Bucas Grande.

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have daily flights to Butuan City from Manila while  Cebu Pacific also has daily flight from Cebu.

From Siargao

From Dapa Port in Siargao, catch a ferry going to Socorro. There are ferries that leave in the morning and in the afternoon, fare is around P100.00. From Socorro hire another boat going to Bucas Grande.

Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Skyjet fly from Clark, Cebu and Manila to Siargao.

La Fortuna
La Fortuna

Where to Stay in Bucas Grande

Budget travelers may opt to stay in these places that are managed by local people’s organization and cooperatives:

  • Cinnamon Island Cottage
    Managed by Strengthened Association of Volunteers for the Environment of Sohoton (SAVE Sohoton)
    Rate: P2,500/room per night with free breakfast (for 1-5 person); additional P500/person in excess of five
    Contact No: +639488205835 Roldan (Operations Manager)
  • Tiktikan Lake Cottage
    Managed by three people’s organization named TASG
    Rate: P150-200 per person (Open air cottage)
    Contact No: +639399047019 Dodo (Sohoton Tourism Operations Manager)
  • SIFAI Cottage
    Managed by Sohoton Integrated Farmers Association Incorporated
    Rate: P1,000/room per night (good for 3 persons)
    Contact No: +639399047019 Dodo (Sohoton Tourism Operations Manager)

You may also opt to stay in these private resorts:

  • Sohoton Bay Resort
  • Sohoton Nakiauit Resort
  • La Fortuna

Another alternative is to stay in Socorro town proper. The municipal training center have dorm type room with shared toilet and bath for as low P200/night per person.

For high end tourists, Club Tara Resort and Hidden Island Resort offer world class accommodation and amenities.

  • Club Tara Resort
    Contact No: 09175225500
  • Hidden Island Resort
    Contact No: 09173282448
Club Tara
Club Tara

What to Do in Bucas Grande

    • Island hopping and boating
    • Tour in Sohoton Cove, a maze-like place consisting of limestone islets, where the only way in or out is the cave entrance passable only during low tide. Hagukan Cave, which can only be entered also during low tide is decorated with magnificent stalactites in its ceiling that become home to hundreds of bats.  Magkukuob Cave, another exciting spot inside the cove leads to a cliff, the best way out is to jump off this cliff.
    • Swim with millions of no-sting, friendly and playful jellyfish of Tojoman or Jellyfish Lagoon and Lubogon Lagoon
    • Spelunking in Bolitas Cave, Crystal Cave and other caves in the area. Bolitas Cave is home to balinsasayaw, a rare bird that produces a very expensive bird’s nest that is a popular soup ingredient in Chinese restaurants
    • Trek and have a boat ride in Tiktikan Lake and twelve other lakes in the area
    • Dive or snorkel to see the magnificent corals in the area. The best snorkeling site is near Marka-a Island
    • Go beach hopping in Marka-a Island, La Fortuna and other white sand beaches in the area
    • Cliff diving in Tiktikan Lagoon
    • Go surfing in Siargao
    • Head south to Tinuy-an Falls and Brittania Group of Islands in Surigao del Sur
    • Camping
    • Kayaking
Bubon Lake
Bubon Lake


  • Sohoton National Park can be reached via three hours boat ride from Siargao. The best time of the year to go there is during summer where no-sting jellyfish are observed to be in the the area, although the guaranteed sightings of these jellyfish are during April to June.
  • Rate of island hopping tour of Bucas Grande Islands (including the transfer from Hayangabon Port in Claver or Socorro town proper) ranges from P1,500-P2,000 per day for a boat that can accommodate up to 10 or 15 passengers; P500-P1,000 for boat that can accommodate less than 10 passengers
  • You may contact the Sohoton Tourism Operations Manager Dodo at +639399047019 for boat reservations, booking on Titikan and SIFAI Cottage and other inquiries about Sohoton
Marka-a Island
Marka-a Island

* First published: 05-July-2009


  1. A simple THANK YOU to Mr. Randy Humaylab and to his wife Maam Gina Humaylab for being hospitable and well accomodating while enjoying the tour in Bucas Grande Island and Siargao Island. They are the boat owner while her husband a well verse and expert tour guide, so by then i highly recommend them or get a chance in riding their boat for hire. They also offer tour package at affordable price only for us to be hassle free while at island hopping. They have also facebook page: (Randy Humaylab Pumpboat for Hire) or please contact their smart # 09099641659/ TM-GLOBE 09756141755, thank u sa uulitin !!!

  2. Hi I had a great time in Socorro with the help of Mr Randy & Gina Humaylab & here is my initial blog for this trip http://www.wanderyumagz.com/2015/12/17/how-i-travel-siargao-alone/ & their updated contact info

    1. Facebook page: Randy Humaylab Pumpbat for hire or mobile # 09099641659

  3. Nyam3x

    How much if tour is SOCORRO-SOHOTON-HAYANGGABON? Any idea?thanks

    1. Hi mam, just contact Randy Humaylab (Boat owner/Tour Guide) for more details about Bucas Grande..mobile # 09099641659. Thanks


    is there anyone planning to have a tour at sohoton this coming nov. 29-30. im a solo backpacker and i don’t know if i can do this alone. please do contact me. 09176876950

    1. Hi..sir,try to visit our fb page i LOVE BUCAS GRANDE ISLAND.

    2. jakiekim

      hi,i’ll be travelling surigao tomorrow. and planning to visit bucas grande

      1. Hi mam, just contact Randy Humaylab (boat owner/tour guide) for more details about Bucas Grande..mobile # 09099641659

  5. Francesca D.

    Hello, I tried looking for a P500-boat rental for solo backpackers, but the cheapest I found is P1,500!

    Other than that, my contact/boat’s owner welcomed me to their home, fed me like their returning first child, and asked the guides to escort me back to the port – all for free!
    And for what price? Just their phone numbers posted here. No big deal. I would’ve done it anyway without them asking. 🙂

    They also offer cheaper rates for groups. Feel free to contact them anytime:

    Randy Humaylab’s Pumpboat for Hire – 09099641659
    Gina Buntad Humaylab – 09257994614

    Enjoy! 😀

  6. Line

    Good pm Po interested to go to sohoton, i need companion from davao.
    I’ved plan to go there on Sept. 25-27 and we make plan for it.
    Those interested, Pls. Sent me here [email protected].

    Thank you.

  7. Can we ask for the contact number of Hidden Island Resort. Telephone Number will do.

  8. dadayzee

    Hi All! My brother Eugene wants to tell all his “Suki” that his old num 09468313346 is no longer active since he accidentally lost his phone at the sea. If you are in need of a boat-for-rent with a cool and fun guide for a fun and worthwhile trip, feel free to contact my brother Eugene at these new numbers:
    09186541597- Smart

    That’s all! Have a good day!

  9. Just visit http://www.sohotoncove.ph for more details. It’s the official Sohoton Cove website

  10. edward dizon

    pls tell me how much yung package tour?san ang meeting place pag sa davao ka?tapos ano inclusions at exclusions?

  11. Those who are planning to have a tour in Sohoton and Siargao Island just contact this No. 09099641659 and look for Randy Humaylab as pumpboat operator. Thanks!

  12. dadzkie

    I went there last january and the experence was great despite the occasional rain. From sohoton, we then crossed the sea to siargao using the same bangka we used on the sohoton tour. Our local guide, which is also my brother, is very cool and well-experienced bangkero. I highly recommend him to other tourists planning to visit sohoton. Im planning to go back there this end of May coz one of my friends wanted a unique to birthday celebration and im bringing her along. 🙂

    To those interested and looking for a rented bangka during the tour, you may contact my brother eugene at 09468313346.

  13. Redh

    Hello, if we are coming from Bucas Grande, is there a way to go directly to Britania Group of Islands via public transpo? Or should we need to go to Butuan first then ride a bus going to Britania?

    1. Kyla Atasan

      From Surigao City, you can ride a bus/van. It takes more or less 6 hours to reach San Agustin Municipality. From there, you can grab a tricycle to take you to Britania Islands or if you have a car, you can just go directly there

    2. Hi sir just contact this No. 09099641659 for more details. Look Randy Humaylab. Tnx

  14. Redh

    Hello, if we are coming from Bucas Grande, is there a way to go directly to Britania Grouof of Islands via public transpo? Or should we need to go to Butuan first then ride a bus going to Britania?

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  16. shieleda chavez

    good day!
    Im from davao city and planning to go to sohoton…. can you please suggest me a good itenirary.

    1. Hi mam just call this # 09099641659

  17. I contacted Dodo and he gave us the rate of P8500 for one whole day tour plus fetching from pier to resort round trip. The rate is not bad right? It’s just for two persons, however so I find it quite expensive. Any comment?

    1. cba

      hi ms shanda,

      i suggest to ask specific inclusions of the rate given. doing it diy is still economical i think.

    2. Juliet

      No, that’s fair enough …and the tour is all worth it, the adventurewill enthrall you.

    3. Hi mam just call this # 09099641659

  18. for the fastest and latest information’s about BUCAS GRANDE ISLAND you may call this +639197871825 / +639262948116 for the assistance.

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  20. Visiting there is a truly fantastic experience. Aside for the Sohoton Cove you can also experience to ride in Zipline at Kapihan view park and any other beautiful spots.

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