Bangaan Travel Guide: A Living Cultural Heritage of Ifugao


In the heart of Luzon are the provinces of Cordillera, famous for their unique architectural masterpieces that can be traced back thousand years ago – the Rice Terraces. These are carefully hand carved mountainsides that look like giant steps forming stairways to the sky. Most famous of them are concentrated in the province of Ifugao, and Banaue’s Rice Terraces, being accessible is the most popular of all.

The rice terraces of Banaue are scattered over town which include the popular Batad, Hapao and the one that is easily accessible – The Bangaan Rice Terraces. They are all inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in December 1995 as a Living Cultural Heritage of the people of Cordillera.

From the top of the Bangaan Rice Terraces, one will witness the unobstructed view of the beauty of these hand carved mountains and the village below. Experience the surreal feeling of walking on one of the wonders of our modern world, trek to Bangaan Rice Terraces and Village and see the marvelous creation of the ancient Ifugaos.

How to Get to Bangaan, Ifugao

Banaue is the jump off point to Bangaan. From Banaue, there are jeepneys bound to Bangaan located in the town proper, you may also hire a tricycle for P700.00/~$15.25 half day tour from Banaue to Bangaan with sidetrip to Guihob Cold Spring. Expect a bumpy ride.

There are three ways to get to Banaue from Manila. The direct Manila-Banaue bus, via Baguio and via  Bontoc.


Ohayami and Coda Lines have daily trips to Banaue for a 9-hour bus ride, fare is around P500. You can book your seat from Manila to Banaue or vice versa below:



Most bus companies heading to Northern Philippines have trips to Baguio. But Lakwatsero prefers Victory Liner, their Baguio bound buses leave the terminal (Manila, Pasay, Cubao and Caloocan) every hour. It is a five to six hours travel for P390. The most ideal time to travel is around 10PM to 11PM for you to reach their Baguio Terminal by 5AM the next day. You can book your seat from Manila to Baguio or vice versa below:


From Victory Baguio Terminal, catch a cab to Dangwa Terminal or to Rizal Park where the buses to Banaue can be found. It is a short taxi ride (around 10 minutes) for approximately P40. At Rizal Park, two bus companies have Banaue route: KMS Transit (departs 9:30AM & 9:30PM) and Ohayami (departs 9:30AM & 9:30PM), while in Danwa Terminal, the Dangwa bus departs 7PM to Banaue. Travel time is 8 to 10 hours. Fare is at P380 (as of January 2008).

Where to Stay in Bangaan

Bangaan Family Inn is the only accommodation in the town Bangaan, located along the trail from Banaue to Mayoyao. They have native nipa huts overlooking the rice terraces of Bangaan. But most hotels, pension inns and lodges are situated in Banaue. For the complete list of the accommodation in the area, click here.

What to do in Bangaan

  • Trek to Bangaan Rice Terraces and Village
  • Fit the native Igorot dress and pose for pictures in the village
  • Shop for more souvenirs in the village
  • See native Ifugao huts
  • Drop by to Guihob Cold Spring
  • Trek to Batad, where the most beautiful rice terraces can be found
  • See the Banaue Rice Terraces
  • Visit Sagada


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    Hi 🙂 Kami nag Field Trip sa Banaue last Nov. 10 2008 for 3 days. Masaya!!! kaso masyadong Cloudy kaya hindi masyadong kita yung Rice Terraces… Pero Enjoy kaming mga Sr’s. ng International Christian Academy!!! 🙂

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