List of Waterfalls in La Union

Waterfalls in La Union

While La Union is popular for its beaches and surfing spots, its highland is home to numerous waterfalls that offer a different kind of adventure. This comes as no surprise since the province shares border with Benguet in the Cordillera Mountains. To date, there are more than 30 known waterfalls in La Union including Tangadan Falls of San Gabriel which is considered as the most visited among all.

Some of these waterfalls are seasonal or those that dry out during “summer” or dry season such as Tuddingan Falls in Naguilian. However, most have flowing water all year round.

Here is the list of the named waterfalls in La Union, perhaps there are more that are yet to be named or exposed in social media. If you’ve been to others that are not in the list, please give us a heads up so we can update the list.

Waterfalls in La Union
Upper level of Tangadan Falls

San Gabriel

  • Tangadan Falls
  • Tag-Ed Balakay Falls (Nakapandagan Falls)
  • Siwsiwan Falls
  • Kilat Falls
  • Bimmanyo Falls
  • Immarbis Falls
  • Palpalaidan Falls
  • Dupagan Falls
  • Limmungon Falls
  • Sarep Falls


  • Tuddingan Falls


  • Occalong Falls


  • Luzong Falls
  • Sangbay Falls

San Fernando

  • Duplas Falls
  • Disoor Falls
  • Kibkibulan Falls
  • Sibuan-otong Falls


  • Ken Badol Falls
  • Calibus Falls
  • Kinmadilyan Falls
  • Bubon Aso Falls
Waterfalls in La Union
Tekdag-aso Falls of Bacnotan


  • Tekdag-aso Falls
  • Zim-sim-ug Twin Falls
  • Pad-tok Falls
  • Guinabang Falls
  • Sapilang Falls


  • Budahaw Falls
  • Burgos Cascades


  • Tiliti Nuang Falls
  • Loslosi Falls (Nangalisan Falls)


  • Tapuakan Falls


  • Macabato Falls


  • Siminublan Falls
  • Balay Anito Falls