The Rice Terraces of Sagada

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Sagada Rice Terraces

You do not need to go to Banaue or Batad to see the striking rice terraces because scattered all over Cordillera are these unique architectural masterpieces – the carefully hand carved mountainsides that seems giant steps forming stairways to the sky with its origin that can be traced back thousand years ago.

Sagada Rice Terraces
Rice Terraces of Bangaan in Northern Sagada

While Banaue and Batad in Ifugao are among the popular sites for these wonders, Sagada has its own share of magnificent landscapes. Though smaller, but still an amazing work of art.

Aside from its size, the difference between the rice terraces in Ifugao and Sagada is the material used. Banaue Rice terraces are made up of compacted soil while those in Sagada are made up of small rocks piled on top of each other.

Sagada Rice Terraces
Rice Terraces of Ankileng, Southern Sagada
Sagada Rice Terraces
Rice Terraces of Balugan, South Central Sagada

Suyo, Ankileng, Balugan, Bangaan (on the way to Bomod-ok Falls) and Kiltepan are where the rice terraces in this town can be found. Kiltepan which is bounded by the baranggay Kilong, Tetep-an, and Antadao, thus KilTePan, is the most striking of all.

Sagada Rice Terraces
A view of Rice Terraces of Kilong, Eastern Sagada from Kiltepan Viewdeck

A trekking to Bomod-ok Falls passing along its rice terraces can be arranged at Sagada Genuine Guide Association (SAGGA) or Sagada Environmental Guides Association (SEGA). Van Rental to jump-off point is P600 round trip, guide fee is P400 for 1 to 10 persons. Meanwhile, Kiltepan can be reached by an hour of walking from town center but it is best to be there for sunrise. A van can be rented to Kiltepan for P450.00 round trip.

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