Inambakan Falls: Travel Guide to the Best of Ginatilan, Cebu

Inambakan Falls

The southern part of Cebu Province is dotted with numerous majestic waterfalls characterized by its turquoise-colored water due to its limestone soil, one of them is the towering Inambakan Falls in the town of Ginatilan, approximately four hours away from the city. It is a tall and beautiful waterfalls, and quite surprising that despite its grandeur, this beautiful gem remains generally offbeat.

Inambakan Falls
One of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Cebu!

Situated in the highland barangay of Calabawan, Inambakan Falls is among the highest cascades in the province. It is in fact a five-layer waterfalls with a towering 100-feet tall main cascade coming from two smaller drops atop named Bugnawan and Kampael, flowing into a deep natural turquoise-colored pool below.

The first three waterfalls are easily accessible with its clear and established trail while the other two rest farther upstream. To see all the five cascades, it is best to have assistance from a local guide.

Inambakan Falls
Beautiful turquoise-colored water of Inambakan Falls!

There are myths and folklore that are still attached to the place, and some say that it is enchanted. But if there is one thing certain, it is the fact that Inambakan Falls is truly an enchanting place!

How to Get to Inambakan Falls

To get to Inambakan Falls from Cebu City, catch a bus to Bato-Samboan via Barili at Cebu South Bus Terminal and get off at the town of Ginatilan, regular fare is P176 per person for an aircon bus and travel time is roughly three to four hours. The falls is approximately four kilometers from the highway of Ginatilan town proper, you need to catch a motorbike to take you to its trailhead at Barangay Calabawan (P100 per motorbike / round-trip).

Entrance fee is P50 per person and guide is now required. Guides are readily available at the registration area and their fee is on tip basis.

Inambakan Falls
Offbeat yet beautiful!

*Originally Published: 12-Feb-2014 | Updates: 13-Aug-2019; 24-Apr-2020