Takeaways from Dreamy Dinagat

Unib Island
A beautiful and uncrowded beach in Unib Island
Dinagat Sunrise
Sunrise over Melgar Bay
San Jose Seascape
Mornings in Melgar Bay
Duyos Beach
White and fine sand!
Duyos Beach
The rocky side of Duyos Beach
Duyos Beach
Poster perfect!
Island Hopping in Basilisa
Different shades of green.
Island Hopping in Basilisa
Bababu Cove
Where the trek to Bababu Lake begins.
Island Hopping in Basilisa
Too much beauty here!

Dinagat Province

In just roughly 24 hours, I got to experience Dinagat Islands hopping from island to island in Melgar Bay. It was a short love affair in this beautiful and bountiful place but at least I had a glimpse of the best of the province.

We stayed overnight in a humble room along the white sand beach of Duyos in Unib Island for P1000; chartered a boat for P2000/overnight (good for two) that took us around the west coast, passing/dropping by Bitaog Beach, Bababu Cove, Puyo Beach and other unnamed coves and azure beaches of the villages of Rizal (Poblacion), Coring and Puerto Princesa including Hagakhak Island all in the town of Basilisa, as well as in Albor of the town of Libjo.

Hmmm, seriously, a day isn’t enough to immerse in the natural beauty of Dinagat.