5 Awesome Things to Do in Singapore


Singapore is an awesome place to visit. There is so much to do and even more to see. If you’re looking for budget hostels in Singapore then you should check out the HostelBookers website. Here are just five of the favourite things our family likes to do when traveling to Singapore. Some of these happen at specific times of the year, so you just need to go there more than once, lucky you!

Singapore’s icon, the Merlion, with the skyscrapers of the city in the background

The Singapore Zoological Gardens – Day and Night

There are four world class zoological attractions in the city-state of Singapore. Each is an amazing world class attraction. Here is some information on the two we have visited the most.

Jurong Bird Park

This is the oldest and biggest bird park in Asia, covering more than 20 hectares. More than 5000 birds from nearly 400 species living and often reproducing in the park. Visitors love the walk-in type of bird enclosures that allows them to be inside the enclosure with the birds. Birds can be seen in their natural habitat because the conditions they live in are simulated to be as natural for their species as possible. The park has bird shows that take place each hour, every day the park is open. Nearly one million visitors enjoy the Jurong Bird Park every year.

Singapore Rainforest Zoological Park

This is the most popular leisure time activity in Singapore. Almost two million people will visit this park in 2013. There are close to 3,000 animals from 300 species that enjoy their life at the Singapore Zoo. Our family favourite and the specie frequently have chosen as the most popular are the Orang-utans. One reason this zoo is so popular is the effort taken to maintain the animals in their natural habitats. A visit to this zoo is like taking a trip around the world. For families it is an amazing educational experience.

At Jurong Bird Park (Contributed photo)

Orchard Road – In December for Christmas Lights and Shopping

This is one of the most famous shopping avenues in the world. World class shopping Malls line this street from one end to the other. For our family, a visit to Orchard Road in December is the best time for shopping. The Christmas lights displays get more amazing every year.

Singapore Grand Prix – Formula one Night Racing

Near the end of September every year, Singapore hosts the only night time Formula Grand Prix Race in the world. The race winds through downtown Singapore and is much more than an amazing racing competition. Major entertainers, from all over the world, attend the race and perform to the crowd during the race date, which for 2013 is on 22 September.

East Coast Parkway Seafood Centre

Since this city-state is located on an island, it seems fitting to tell you about one of the best places to eat fantastic sea food. Before the 1980s, a visitor to Singapore could get great food anywhere, a fact that remains true to this day. But there were a number of locations that were well known as the best, for various seafood recopies. For example, the north shore of the island was the place best known for Chilli Crab. In the early 1980s the city relocated the best seafood houses to a special southern seaside location named the East Coast Seafood Centre. The Long Beach Seafood is the favourite of our family for almost thirty years.

At Singapore Botanical Garden (Contributed photo)

Singapore Botanical Gardens

Any list of world class things to see in Singapore is lacking without mention of the highly respected Singapore Botanical Gardens. One of the oldest botanical gardens in the world; it was started in 1822 as an experimental botanical garden by Sir Stamford Raffles. Even though the gardens are located in the centre of the city, it is peaceful and relaxing and a must see for any family coming to Singapore.