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Rent a Ferrari in Dubai

Every car enthusiasts’ dream is to ride or drive a Ferrari and the best place in the world to do it is in Dubai. Rent a Ferrari in Dubai and find the best dеаlѕ for а wide reach оf models in the UAE. Sensible rates, no engraving ups or commission! Some suppliers offer free conveyance tо уоu area. It is outstandingly appealing, and a great experience. Thе experience оf driving a Ferrari on the streets of this great city is unparalleled.

Dubаі is a paradise for driving еxоtіс supercars alongside a wide scope of vehicles. All theѕе vehicles are available for employee charge оn a day, week and month to month premise at ехtrеmеly low rаtеѕ. When cоmpаrеd to various metropolitan regions across the world. You can drive а Ferrari for just АЕD 4000 for a whole day.

Rent a Ferrari in Dubai
Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

Top 5 Ferrari in the UAE

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Strong however complex, energetic yet steeply evaluated. Lusso is a 12-chamber that makes each experience a purposely unique encounter. The GTC4 Lusso was intended to supply posh and astounding sentiments. Best two entryways, making this the nearest circle of family members inclining Ferrari. In the Italian automaker’s lineup for the benefit of now. The expansion of the 2 additional seats doesn’t lessen from the GTC4 Lusso’s normal general execution.

A few highlights are FM radio, MP3, USB, glove box, Bluetooth remote network, 8 Speakers, Window Grid Antenna, and 2 LCD Monitors. The inside incorporates Fixed Windows, Leather Steering Wheel, Cupholder, Remote Keyless Entry, Automatic Air Conditioning, Driver Foot Rest, Leather Seat Trim, Map Lights, Power Door Locks, Systems Monitor, and Air Filtration.

As the Lusso V-12’s 208-mph zenith step affirms. However, this Ferrari is similarly pretty much as refined and quiet as it’s far fast and severe.

Ferrari Portofino M

The very much framed Portofino M changeable is situated at the lower part of the rendering. Also very much like the variant it traded for the 2018 rendition 365 days. Its motor sits on the deceivability of the vehicle. In any case, don’t permit both of these things to conceal your judgment. The Portofino M is the entire thing should be: alluring, strong, and fast. Its twin-quicker blends out 612 strength up from 591 in the excess of a year’s style.

Furthermore, it needs to hit 60 mph in the low-3-2d territory. The little rearward sitting arrangement and trunk won’t match a decent arrangement. In any case, common sense has in no way, shape, or form been a Ferrari advancing point. Portofino highlights incorporate Power Steering Power, Windows Front non-freezing stopping mechanism, Air Conditioner, Airbag, Automatic Climate Control, Fog Lights, and Front amalgam Wheels. Portofino is available for AED 3000 per day, AED 19320 per week, and for AED 72000 per month.

Ferrari F8

The expense for the Ferrari F8 Spider Tribute in Dubai starts from AED 4800 every day. The components of this vehicle are unrivaled! At the point when you get controlling everything of the Ferrari F8 and delicately press the gas pedal. You can’t find a good pace.

The F8 model has become to a great extent a go-over of the general thought of the association. The essential headway of the new model is a tremendous touch screen. For controlling the media system, arranged before the explorer. This engine has gotten the title of “Engine of the Year” on numerous occasions.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

Intensive research and improvement focused on exploiting wealth of track-derived. Engineering knowledge has produced the 812 Superfast, designed to provide its drivers with both standard overall performance. Throughout the board and the maximum fascinating and satisfying user experience possible. With its output improved to 800 CV, 60 better than the F12. The 812 Superfast is the extremely real and most rapid road-going Ferrari ever built. The 812 Superfast consequently guides in a modern-day era. In Ferrari 12-cylinder records, and, in doing so, builds on the precious heritages.

To make complete use of that large power and to assure first-rate weight distribution, the automobile exploits a remarkably evolved transaxle structure that couples a front-hooked-up engine. With a rear-hooked-up transmission. It is also the first Ferrari prepared with Electric Power Steering.

Ferrari 488 Spider

The highlight of Ferrary 488 is the supreme influential and advanced Ferrari Spider ever built. A car that backs the prominent ability of the 488 GTB coupé. Mid-rear V8 with the desire of undertaking even the toughest roads bounded through nature’s heady whiffs and shades. And conveyed with the aid of a unique Ferrari engine soundtrack. At the very coronary heart of the automobile is, of the path, the 3902cc faster-charged V8 which set a modern level for this type of structure. Thanks to a maximum electricity output of 670 CV and easy, progressive turning shipping in the better gears.

By using the Variable Spin Management device. The 488 Spider sprints from zero to one hundred km/h in 3 seconds flat. And from 0 to 200 km/h in eight.7 seconds. Available for AED 3000/ day.

Rent a Ferrari in Dubai
Photo by Paolo Resteghini on Unsplash

Ferrari Checklist

In Dubai, there are requirements that need to be followed. Before you can take your vehicle to the streets, you ought to guarantee the going with:

  • Your driver’s license has been more than one year
  • You won’t take the vehicle outside the city
  • You will not use the vehicle to transport unlawful substances
  • You won’t take the vehicle to unpleasant territory

Cost to Rent a Ferrari in Dubai

Depending upon the vehicle model, rates in Dubai are between AED 3000 to AED 5000 consistently and around AED 120000 consistently. Regularly, more current and higher models are all the more exorbitant and stand out from more settled ones. Notwithstanding, you’re sure to observe the most sensible vehicle costs simply on our site. Freed from commission and booking costs. As you’ll select the vehicle directly from the vehicle provider.


There are tons of resources where you can rent a car in Dubai and some are even accessible online. And you can charter not just a Ferrari, you can also rent a luxury car in Dubai. Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi or any luxury car brand. Getting in them is the best way to enjoy your UAE tour.

*Cover photo by Paolo Resteghini on Unsplash