Learning Through Computer Games

I always believed that learning can be a lot more fun when you incorporate interactive activities or games. You tend to retain important things or facts when you remember them from a game. You get a good grasp of things and tend to associate what you learn with the fun that comes with learning these things.

I have always been competitive by nature that’s why I always enjoyed playing games even as a kid. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a physical or virtual game. I enjoy any game that I get to play. Because of my love for games, I would almost always be chosen as the game master during parties and events. In my previous job, I became a trainer. I would always incorporate games whenever I conduct trainings because it’s easy to get the attention span of the trainees plus they easily retain those information that come out of the games.

Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop is an addicting computer game!

Games are for entertainment but can also be a good medium for learning. There are some websites that offer games as an alternative learning medium just like Mortgage Calculator that offers quite a number of games that have something to do with money and finance. The games are so entertaining that you tend to lose track of time.

One of the games I enjoy the most from this website is Coffee Shop. I always dreamed of putting up my own coffee shop. Playing this game actually makes me feel like I have my own coffee shop. It’s like a simulation game. One of the things you need to do when you have your own coffee shop is to prepare the things that you will need. You have to check your inventory before you start the day and also once you end the day so that you will know how much more supplies you have and you will have enough time to buy if you’re almost running out of supplies. In this game, you can set the number of supplies needed for each ingredient and material and you would also set the price for the coffee. Just like in a any business, you wouldn’t be able to satisfy all customers. Some may like your coffee while some may not. Some may find the price is just right while some might find it too expensive. What matters is you find a balance without sacrificing the quality of your products and also without having to charge so much more that would make your products expensive. That’s how business works and if you don’t have any idea about having your own business, this is a good game for practice.

Lego City Game
Build your own city with Lego City Game

Another game that I enjoy is Lego City Adventures. It’s building your own virtual city using lego blocks. You have to pay close attention while building your city. You get coins every so often but you have to collect them yourself. You also need to watch out for criminals who may try to burn down your buildings. You really have to give 100% of your attention in building your own city. It’s a lot of multi-tasking so you have to learn how to manage your time doing all the necessary tasks needed to be able to build more buildings and earn more money from these buildings while also making sure that you protect your properties from criminals who may try to burn them down. It tests your patience and endurance.

These games might simply be games to pass time but the lessons that you get from them can actually be applied in real life. This is the reason why I enjoy these games. Plus, they’re very simple and easy to navigate. The instructions are easy to understand. For me, games are never just there for pure entertainment. Every game that we play has important lessons to teach us.