Life Changes Since the COVID-19 Lockdowns

Nobody has lived the same ever since the pandemic started. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, an employee, a businessman or woman, a homemaker, a jobless or homeless person. Things have never been the same and we all had to adjust to a new normal.

Covid-19 has changed our goals, our lifestyle, and the way we prioritize things. Health has now become our top priority and some of us went through a lifestyle change for the sake of our health. Saving and investing has also become a priority next to health. For those who have enjoyed traveling before the pandemic, they probably had to do some adjustments in their lifestyle because of the impact of the pandemic.

These sudden changes need some careful planning. We cannot simply apply these changes abruptly because there are a lot of other factors involved that need to be carefully considered.

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Many of us have neglected health before the pandemic but became more aware of its importance when Covid-19 struck. We started giving more priority to our health. Some of us now allocate money to buy vitamins and other supplements to help boost our immune system. Some of us started or are planning to go back to gym because we gained a lot of weight during the lockdowns. Some of us started saving more in case of medical emergencies. Some of us started investing in health and life insurances.

As part of our health goals, whether we opt to go to gym or workout on our own, we need to define our goals. How much weight do we want to lose? How much calories are we willing to shed? How many calories per day are we allowed to eat in order to achieve our goal? We could easily achieve our health goals if we get to see the numbers. It can help motivate us.

Health is indeed important but maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also be costly. We have to be able to identify our basic needs and allocate our money on these before being able to allocate money to buy vitamins and other supplements, buy healthier food options, pay for a gym membership, and also invest in a health insurance. You might have to cut on other expenses in order to spend money on these more important things involving your health and wellness. Budgeting can be quite a challenge but if you know where your money is going, then it would be easier for you to keep track of your expenses.

One of the biggest factors we need to consider in this lifestyle change is money. The pandemic has definitely affected our economy. The pandemic has gravely impacted the global economy as stated by IMF in 2020. The whole word is experiencing inflation at the moment.

Savings Calculator

Because of the inflation, we have to be more careful in spending. Prices of basic necessities are very high leaving us less money for saving and investing. Given the situation we are in, it is really important to have savings and invest whatever extra money we have in order to earn more from it.

For people who have always enjoyed traveling, it might be quite challenging to travel given the oil price hike. Saving for travel fund may not be enough in order to fund our travels. It would be good to invest that money for example in banks that have higher interest rates or in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. in order to have extra money for travelling.

Whatever choices we have made during the pandemic, they will definitely shape our future. So it is critical to do some careful planning before taking an action.