Updated Sagada Travel Requirements

As the Philippine COVID-19 infection rate slows down and the entire country’s alert level is lowered, more tourists destinations are starting to open up including the highland town of Sagada which has been strictly off-limits to tourists since March of 2020. Sagada is a small and tranquil town of Mountain Province where nature, culture and adventure beautifully intertwine to form a place like no other.  The town finally reopens to tourists. According to Sagada Tourism Office, tourists may now visit the town provided that they comply with the following Sagada travel requirements.

Sagada Travel Requirements

As of October 18, 2022, Sagada has relaxed its travel requirements. Tourist will just have to pay P100 environmental fee.

Accredited Accommodations in Sagada

Make sure to book your accommodation from accredited establishments only. The complete list of accredited accommodations in Sagada is listed in lodging.sagada.gov.ph

Top-Rated Accredited Accommodations in Sagada

Sagada Travel Requirements

Agape Log Cabin
Central Sagada
Starts at P700

Sagada Travel Requirements

Grandma’s Yellow House
Central Sagada
Starts at P500

Sagada Travel Guide

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