Snapshot: One in a Million


Bucas Grande Revisited
Bucas Grande Islands, Socorro, Surigao del Norte
April 21-22, 2012

One of the attractions of Bucas Grande Islands in Socorro, Surigao del Norte is the Tojoman Lagoon, home to millions of non-stinging jellyfish.

The jellies are the species called Spotted or Lagoon Jelly with scientific name Mastigias papua. They are mostly brown with white spots and characterized by several smaller mouth openings in their oral arms that feed on plankton. Their lifespan is observed to last only for approximately four months and are active primarily on summer when the water temperature is warm.

In Tojoman Lagoon, their population peaks to million during summer specially during the month of April and May. However, with the changing season, the pattern changed recently. In my last visit this April, there were just only few adults and a lot of small ones. They are expected to peak by June.

For more information on Tojoman Lagoon and Bucas Grande Group of Islands, please visit:

Jellyfish Lagoon

Camera Used: Olympus Tough 8000
Settings: Auto
Time of Day: 0908H

4 Comments on “Snapshot: One in a Million

  1. panalo itong lugar na ito.. 3x na akong pumunta sa lugar na ito,, hindi nakakasawa ang lugar, tuwing balik ko dito para pa rin akong bagong dating amaze na amaze pa rin ako, lalo na sa non sting jellyfish..

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