Colibra Island

It was in 2011 when we first visited Colibra Island (sometimes spelled as Culebra Island) in Pangasinan. It was still unpopular then, in fact some locals discouraged us on going there. “It is an ugly place!” “There’s nothing there!” We ignored their rants and spent a night in the island. Only us under millions of stars, with the sunset, moonrise and sunrise gracing our stay. Situated off the coast of Barangay Tambobong in Dasol, Colibra Island or Camaso Island is a tiny and rocky islet…Continue Reading “Colibra Island: Dasol’s Island Hideaway”

Punta Sebaring

Let me tease you! They say this beach can fit two soccer fields, I say… on low tide, even three! The sand – white as sugar, fine as powder, soft as cushion! Punta Sebaring is probably the best beach on my list! Its name does sounds greek and out of this world. Chances are, it is the very first time that you have heard the place. I am not surprised, Punta Sebaring is that offbeat and remote. It is a patch of perfectly fine and white…Continue Reading “Favorite Beach: Punta Sebaring of Bugsuk Island, Balabac”

Comiran Island

You have probably heard of or visited the Subic Beach of Sorsogon and/or Sta. Cruz Island of Zamboanga City, their common denominator – the rare pink sand beach! Well, if you think those are the only pink sand beaches in the Philippines, then think again! In the southernmost tip of Palawan is a group of islands characterized mostly by its fine white sand except for one – Comiran Island. Located south of the famous Onuk Island, Comiran Island is a small privately owned uninhabited island surrounded…Continue Reading “Comiran Island: The Pink Beach of Balabac, Palawan”


Contrary to common impression, the main island of Camiguin has no white sand beach. The island is an outcome of series of volcanic eruptions long time ago that volcanic rocks and sand make up its coast. The picture of the white beach we usually see in postcards is the White Sandbar northwest of the island, approximately fifteen minutes by boat. Situated off the coast of the town of Mambajao, northwest of mainland Camiguin, the uninhabited White Sandbar offers imposing beauty with its white sand, surrounding emerald and blue…Continue Reading “The White Sandbar of Camiguin”

El Nido

For years, it used to be under the radar of general tourists, a secret hideaway for the very few who have discovered its unparalleled beauty ahead of everybody, one of the best kept secrets of El Nido. But slowly, the secret was revealed and the once deserted paradise started getting the attention that it deserves. Today, the twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang are included in the itinerary of almost everyone heading to this part of Palawan! Situated in Sitio Calitang, approximately 17 kilometers north…Continue Reading “Nacpan and Calitang: The Twin Beaches of El Nido”


The Philippines is well known for its beautiful beaches. Being a country made up of islands and having one of the longest coastlines in the world, it is no surprise that its coast will definitely be painted with amazing shores. White, cream and gray sand beaches are the typical ones, pink and black sand are quite rare, but golden sand is definitely strange and different! In the remote island of Jomalig in Quezon Province’s Polilio Group, golden sandy beach is a normal sight. But for…Continue Reading “Jomalig: The Golden Sand of Salibungot Beach”