Before the rise of Baguio City, Bontoc is believed to be the center of Cordillera Region, a melting pot of culture and tradition as it sits near the boundaries of the the old Mountain’s sub-provinces of Abra, Kalinga and Ifugao. Bontoc today is a town making its own name and carving its own proud identity as the bustling capital of the present day Mountain Province. As with the other towns in Mountain Province and Cordillera, Bontoc is dotted with panoramic rice terraces. One of which…Continue Reading “Maligcong: Paradise Reborn”

Masbate 01

My penchant for Spanish-era lighthouses in the Philippines brought me cruising in the waters of Masbate Island, particularly in the towns of Aroroy and Balud, in search for the old lonely sentinels of the seas that dot the island. Masbate is home to two of the few remaining Spanish-constructed lighthouses – Bugui Point Lighthouse and Jintotolo Island Lighthouse. These two complementing lighthouses were built before the turn of 20th century, before the Spaniards handed over the Philippines to the Americans. Let us have a virtual…Continue Reading “Memoirs from Aroroy and Balud”

Mayon 07

Without a doubt, she is beautiful, she is majestic, she has magic! Every image of her, be as a main subject or a backdrop, makes us fall in love with her even more! Oh the Majestic! Oh Mayon Volcano! You’re beauty is as perfect as your cone. Your charm hides your dangerous temper. Your allure erases the dangers you have brought and you possess. You easily captures our emotion. You are uniquely beautiful in all your angles.

Balabac 02

I didn’t really know what was up for us in Balabac when we ventured there in 2014. My sole intention was to see the old lighthouse in Cape Melville. Never did I imagine that the place will move me so deeply. Situated on the southernmost tip of Palawan, Balabac is a group of 31 islands and islets scattered on the rich water of Sulu Sea blessed with unspoiled fine sandy beaches, endemic flora and fauna and vivid marine life. With its remoteness, the place has preserved its…Continue Reading “Reminiscing the Last of The Last Frontier”


The landscape of Batanes is characterized by gently rolling hills which are virtually everywhere. Whether you are in Batan, Sabtang or Itbayat, your eyes will feast on the refreshing greens that carpet the waving Earth. The two most popular are found in the island of Batan – Marlboro Hills or Racuh a Payaman in the boundary of Mahatao and Imnajbu, and Vayang Rolling Hills in Basco. The former is a great spot for sunrise while the latter offers a dramatic view of sunset. The rolling hills…Continue Reading “The Hills of Batanes”


On the southernmost tip of Panay Island lies Anini-y, a coastal municipality of the Province of Antique, an emerging heritage and eco-tourism hot spot. Anini-y is unpretentious and laid back. With its rich natural resources and beautiful scenery, the town is a perfect synergy of bounty and beauty, and it holds a promise of brighter tourism landscape for the province which is generally out of the usual tourist radar. Needless to say, Anini-y is among, if not the brightest spot of Antique! Bask in the white sand…Continue Reading “The Colors of Anini-y, Antique”