Mandalay is the largest city of Myanmar, a vibrant and modern city that still exudes the old world charm. More than a gateway to Bagan, Mandalay has its own share of attractions like the Mandalay Hill and the nearby U-Bein Bridge in Amarapura that offers great views of sunrise or sunset. Other places of interests include Mahamuni Temple which is regarded as the holiest pagoda in the country, the Kuthodaw Pagoda which is dubbed as the largest book in the world, Sanda Muni Paya, Grand…Continue Reading “Backpacking Myanmar: Mandalay Quick Travel Guide”


The mountainous region of Cordillera hides secrets that are far more than we know. Places and surprises that are generally offbeat yet overflowing with potential. You just have to explore beyond what the world knows to discover these hidden gems. Such is Sadanga! Tucked in between Bontoc and Tinglayan, Sadanga is a laid back town of Mountain Province overshadowed by its more popular neighbors including Tinglayan, Banaue, Bontoc and Sagada. A blessing in disguise for it has preserved its culture, heritage and natural beauty. Unknown…Continue Reading “Travel Guide: Sadanga (Mountain Province)”

Bulubadiangan Island

In the shadow of Gigantes Islands of Carles is another island group dotted with picturesque island beaches and beautiful sandbars scattered in vivid azure water of Visayan Sea… quite offbeat yet equally sublime. Say hello to the group of islands off the coast of Concepcion in Northern Iloilo! Approximately three hours from both Iloilo and Roxas City, the quiet coastal town of Concepcion is starting to break out and make its own name. Imagine a chunk of El Nido’s backdrop, a slice of Caramoans’s vast…Continue Reading “Travel Guide: Concepcion Islands (Bulubadiangan Island, Agho Island and More)”


I guess no other place in the Philippines exudes much mystery and curiosity than Batanes, the group of volcanic island in the northern border of the archipelago. Apparently, every image of the place radiates unparalleled beauty, no wonder that it is in every local traveler’s bucket list. Its beautiful rolling hills, towering lighthouses, picturesque coasts, hidden coves of white sand beaches, unique culture, temperate weather, captivating sunrise and sunset, amazing people and other mesmerizing scenery deliver truly awe-inspiring stills. Situated in between Balintantang and Bashi…Continue Reading “Travel Guide: Batanes”


So you have been to the province of Bohol, you have basked in the white sand beaches and dived the vivid underwater world of Panglao and Cabilao, awed with the panoramic beauty of the Chocolate Hills, visited the centuries-old churches, feasted on the sumptuous foods on a river cruise, or seen the iconic Tarsiers. Indeed, you have been to Bohol! But if you have done all of the above and you think you have seen all of the province, then think again. Unbeknownst to many,…Continue Reading “Travel Guide: Anda (Bohol)”

Tinalisayan Sandbar

For an archipelagic country made up of more than seven thousand landmass, a scenery of islands and islets scattered on azure water seems typical and ordinary. But those who truly love the sun, sea and sand know by heart that each island or islet or beach is different and unique. As beautifully unique as those in the town of San Pascual in the province of Masbate. Situated in the northern coast of Burias Island, San Pascual is a quaint and laid back coastal town that…Continue Reading “Travel Guide: San Pascual (Burias Island)”